I'll Never Be An Elite Traveler

A few weeks ago my husband brought home a magazine. The owner of the small airfield he goes to thought our daughter would like to look at the photography work in it. The magazine is called Elite Traveler, The Private Jet Lifestyle Magazine. We could see a little price tag in the bottom corner that read $50.00. My husband thought it was the price of the dress the model was wearing on the cover.

"Uh, don't think so", I said as I found the price of the dress to be $1300.00. So that means that the per-issue price is $50.00. I went online to see how much a subscription to the magazine was. A mere drop in the bucket for some, $155.00 for a year/6 issues.

In this particular issue as well as most I believe, it was filled with ads for beautiful watches that look like pieces of art. And with prices not even listed I don't believe I'd even want to inquire.

There are also ads for Executive Jets and Little Indulgences such as a man purse embossed with a tattoo in Utah calf leather for $7,150.00. Or how about a dining room table for $75,000.00?

One of the feature articles is a piece about Beijing's Best Suites. The nightly rate is just as stunning as the room or the view from the room, ranging anywhere from $4,000.00 to $20,000.00.

As much as I would love to stay in one of these rooms I just don't think I'd feel comfortable. I guess it's not who I am. It's  not where I came from. Maybe if I was born in a different time and place it could be me but I would feel guilty to spend money like it was running water.

One thing that did strike me as hilarious is this picture of a model. Check out the bangs. They look like a typical 5 year old's hair when they get a hold of a pair of scissors. I don't know of a kid who didn't take scissors to their head and ended up looking like this. My husband thought she looked fine (eyes rolling here) and the hair was great. I bet he wouldn't think so if I came home looking like that.

So I guess I'll never be an Elite One, wearing my Crocs and Walmart pants. But that's OK, my hair looks better than that skinny little thing's hair anyday.


bill said…
bill said...

I don't know I'd agree with you or not, I'd have to see the rest of her. It do sound like all that stuff requires a salary or an income slightly above my pay grade. That's good writing this morning. However, I'm not sure I could have resisted the urge to edit or amend that last sentence.

Come to think of it, I think it's an acquired taste. You'd catch on.
fernvalley01 said…
$50 for a magazine???? holy crap !! and that haircut is ridiculous
Grumpy said…
Your hair does look better than that. If that haircut is hip, no thank you.

As the old saying goes, if you have to ask the price, you probably can't afford it.
Peruby said…
Certainly that model had her hair re-done after that photo shoot! Good grief that is silly! But then again - the affluent can be a tad bit... weird.
ethelmaepotter! said…
TOTALLY agree with you about the model. What the...? And her earrings look like she just wadded up some Reynolds Wrap really tight and stuck it her ears. AND the necklace looks like one of those that we made in kindergarten with pasta.

If this is the trend to come - I'll be very fashionable...except for my hair.
Margi Kenny said…
The elite and expensive have to work hard to get noticed and look trendy. I'll stick to my "classic with a kick".

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