Fountain Girl's Not Laughing

We've probably all seen it by now; the girl in Pennsylvania who was texting and walking at the same time and fell into a mall fountain. Except the girl is 49 year old Cathy Cruz Marrero and she works in the mall.

I saw her on Good Morning America this morning with her attorney and they are contemplating suing the Berkshire Mall's security office. Granted, they should not have used the video of her falling and posted it on You Tube. She was squeezing out alligator tears, upset that no one came to her aid after seeing her fall and you can clearly hearing the security officers laughing on the video. She also said that what if a senior citizen had fallen and hurt themselves; would anyone have helped?

But.....she is a grown woman who should have known better.  She was not hurt, only embarrassed by her own stupidity. If an elderly person had fallen and been hurt I'm sure many people would have come to his/her aid, as well as security. Clearly if you see a fool texting while walking and they fall into a fountain and get up and walk away, they are not hurt. How could anyone help her if she was gone.

I say, suck it up Cathy. Quit crying about something that could have been prevented, by YOU. Enjoy your 5 minutes of fame and laugh along with us. A lot more people will  understand and sympathize if you tell people how dumb you were instead of trying to sue someone just because you're embarrassed.


fernvalley01 said…
What a twit! really ? seriously ? you are considering suing because you did something stupid and got laughed at? Guess what sunshine, they are gonna laugh even harder at this!
Peruby said…
Good grief! What a dork! Great. Another bozo contributes to putting our insurance premiums through the roof!
kden said…
I just read on MSN that since her interview this morning a lot more people recognized her. She's actually been out on bail since 'o9after being charged with running up more than $5,000 in purchases on a co-worker's credit card. Her next hearing is in April and she faces 6 months of house arrest and electronic monitoring. She just shoulda kept her mouth shut.
Margi Kenny said…
I am so tired of people not living with their choices and expecting sympathy or payment from others. (or free food, housing, exercise equipment, counseling, legal representation and work out facilities...if you're a criminal in the US, anyway).There is enough crap in the world out of our control: disease, death, weather damages etc..Good grief!
Grumpy said…
Mall security probably did invade her privacy by posting the video on YouTube, but there are times you just have to laugh at yourself and move on.
bill said…
I saw the video of her toppling but didn't get any details. Is she really suing? Takes all kinds I guess.
D. Duplessis said…
Can't agree with you more!

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