Can You Tell We're Related?

My younger brother gave my me, mom and our other brother Amaryllis plants for Christmas. My mom has been sending us updates about everyday on its progress. This morning she said one of the two buds has a total of 4 blooms on it. This was my younger brother's response.

What? No pictures?

Mom, take your digital camera, take a pic, download it to your ipad, upload it to your server, save it as a zip file, compress it, but don't forget the USB port cable to the 2nd phase server port, failing this step will cause your hard drive to crash. After all these steps are done you can  cut, copy and paste it to your Facebook home page, but you'll have to use your special thumb-drive with the duel scuss port that simply plugs into the back of your i-pood. But don't forget to download the special software for the thumb-drive, this can be downloaded by going to the website www.imso fu@&king

Sooooo simple, it's funny.
That about sums it up doesn't it?


Peruby said…
Oh Good God! And MY Mom wouldn't even use the microwave!
Grumpy said…
That's hilarious. It's amazing how techies can make something simple sound so complicated.
kden said…
He's not even a techie. He just likes to mess with her to confuse her more than she is already.

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