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Croc Attack

I have been wanting a pair of Crocs shoes for a long time. But after I read about my friend EthelMaePotter and her experience with them I just had to give them a try. Several years ago I came down with plantar faciitis. I guess I didn't just come down with it, it was a slow progression from wearing poor shoes and being too heavy. And, well getting older too maybe. It started with heel pain in one foot that was so bad it was getting more difficult to walk. I ended up wearing heel cups in my shoes and wearing a special sock at night. These both helped but my foot still hurt and I was never able to go barefoot. I always had to have my sensible shoes on with my heel cups. Then it happened to the next foot a few years later. Crap!

Just a few years ago on vacation I had to sit out on my favorite activity; walking on the beach. I watched my husband and daughter walk along the surf without me. the distance I could walk was so limiting and getting very frustrating.

I ordered my first pair of…

Don't leave the duck there, it's totally irresponsible!

I was watching the local news this morning and heard a story about a guy in the UK who talks in  his sleep. Not your average babbling that no one can understand but very funny stuff. His wife started recording his nightly rants just for family and friends at first. But now they have a blog and she posts daily about the things he says the night before.

You've got to check out Sleep Talkin' Man. I haven't been amused this much in a long time. Some things aren't suitable for children with a lot of F words, but overall very hilarious. They even sell t-shirts with his sayings on them.

What a nice life, go to sleep, say some funny stuff, put it on a t-shirt, and make money. I say way to go Sleep Talkin' Man!

What The Hell Wednesday # 6

WTH Wednesday was started by Blue Monkey Butt. You need to go take a look at these funny sisters and their readers.

My daughter needs to grow more feathers or get some fat on her. She is a tiny little thing so I  her 'bird', which she despises.

I keep our house relatively cold cool, about 65 max. The older couple I work for keep their thermostat set at 75, summer or winter. WTH? By the time I leave there, I'm about ready to pass out. So I'm very content to come home to my meat locker and chill out.

Lately it's been about 40 outside in the morning, so I don't turn on the oil filled heater for my daughter. When it's colder I turn it on and lay her robe on it so it will be nice and warm when she gets up. Most mornings I hear "Why didn't you turn on the HEEEEEEEEttttteeeerrrrrrrr, it's freezing in here?" WTH? I'm so hot I'm sweating and she's cold.

The first thing she does when she gets home from school is heat up her rice pack an…

Sea Heart

I first learned about sea hearts from my friend Cactus Jack Splash. He was given a sea bean and hamburger bean from a friend. I was so fascinated by them, that I spent hours online trying to learn more. Plus I'm always looking for interesting stocking stuffers for my daughter for Christmas. And since we are all ocean lovers I thought it would have a special meaning to her.

Sea beans are actually pods that grow from vines along the banks of the Amazon river. After the seed pods drop to the rain forest floor, heavy rains wash them into the river and they drift thousands of miles to the open seas. Many are found on the shores of Ireland, Scandinavia, and Greenland. There are all types of sea beans; large and small and even ones like Jacks that look like tiny hamburgers. Once they get polished up, they  take on a beautiful mahogany color.

I didn't want to buy beans in bulk though and finally stumbled on this website, which makes jewelry out of the largest of them all. They lovingly…

Hooked on Facebook (sort of)

I joined Facebook a couple of months ago. Well, I actually joined twice. Once as the real me and once as the blogger me. I started this whole blogging thing to be anonymous and have to keep going with it, so hence the two separate accounts.

I don't post on my Status much, but comment on others. Most of my friends are from my small town school, people I never really kept in touch with. I don't play the games at all and have blocked all farmville, fishy things, mafia stuff, etc. I'll accept a few hearts and drinks and send a few out but not many. I only have 3 friends on my blogger one so may delete that, just not sure yet.

So, why the Hell did I join you ask? I'm not sure really. I guess it was the curiosity thing. My brothers did even though they are more reclusive than me. Maybe I just wanted to see what they were up to since I don't hear from them much.

Once I joined my old school friends started 'friending' me. It's nice to catch up and see people t…

It Was Nice While It Lasted

Our family has had pretty decent health insurance through our state for over three years now. We aren't the type of people that go to the doctor for every little thing but it was nice to know that the coverage was there if we needed it. My husband was able to have surgery on his little toe and I was able to have my yearly tests taken care of. And our daughter got to have her well child exams every two years as well as visits in-between as needed.

But now since my husband and daughter are receiving Social Security,  we are now not eligible for the insurance. Even if we had snuck in under the income guidelines we couldn't have afforded the higher premium anyway. Because of budget cuts, they were going up quite a bit and there is even a chance with more budget cuts that the program will be cut altogether.

We knew it was going to happen but I guess until it really does happen you are in a bit of denial about it. So now we have exactly 27 days left to get sick or hurt for us to be t…