Why Santa, Why?

My husband and I haven't bought Christmas gifts for each other since our daughter was born. For the past 15 years we just concentrated on her and other family members. Besides, if there is anything we want, we just go buy it.

Last year we did get a few things for each other but it was well discussed before hand so we were both on the same page. I pretty much had to tell my daughter what I wanted and then her and her Dad went shopping. How can I put this without sounding ungrateful; his gift giving skills suck. He claims he doesn't know what I like. We've been married for 27 years, if he doesn't know me by now he never will. And buying clothes for me always turned out badly and involved me in taking them back to the store to get what I want.

So imagine my surprise when I get home this afternoon and although it took me awhile to notice, I saw 3 new packages under the tree that were not there this morning. They all said: To Kden from Santa. WTH???

I called him and asked why the Fat Man brought me something? He just wanted to, he said. I explained that I did not plan on buying him anything and now didn't know what to do. He said that's OK, he didn't want anything.

Oh, I don't believe that for one minute. He grouses around if no one buys him Cherry Cordials for Heaven's sake. He will not be happy if he doesn't have anything to open. And that puts me in a bind. I'm busy every day next week and will not even have time to get to a store. And I seriously hate shopping so close to Christmas. No time to order online either.

So Santa, why, why, why would you do this to me? Bad Santa.

He had better kept the receipts.


Grumpy said…
Come on, you might be surprised. And what about "it's the thought that counts"? Stop at Walgreen's and get him a huge box of cherry cordials.
fernvalley01 said…
Yikes ! the rotter!!lol! A whole bunch of Cherry cordials?
bill said…
Well you've lived with him 27 years, you ought to know something. (did I hear that somewhere?) Women have intuition.You can do it. Plan what to get during your lunch hour, stop and get it on the way home, a gift from Santa.

I've lived with a woman since we were child bride and groom. She's still the hardest person I know two buy for.
Claire King said…
Suggestions: tools:a screwdriver since you feel screwed, a hammer to knock him upside the head for breaking policy, a flashlight as he may need to watch his back at night, a tape measure so he stays on his side of the bed for a while, and a bottle or case of his favorite beverage as he may be wallowing in it for some time. Ha! I am just kidding kden. You'll figure it out. I think you should be simply happy with the surprise. AND DON'T BUG YOU DAUGHTER TO SPILL THE BEANS!(smile here)
kden said…
Too funny Claire. You're getting as sarcastic and sassy as me ;-)I actually think I came up with a good idea for a gift. A shorter ladder that we can keep in the house so he won't have to drag in the clunky broken down wooden one from the garage every time we need one. I think that's very nice of me.
Claire King said…
An easy access ladder is a good idea. Plus he can keep out of your reach better.Ha!

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