Where Do They Go?

The writer of a blog I follow left a short post the other day saying that he won't be writing for awhile. It sounded so sudden and final. Another blogger friend of mine made that decision awhile back too but thankfully she is back and although she writes less, it's still just as rewarding to wait for the next one.

It makes me wonder, when a person decides to stop blogging, where do they go and what do they do? And why do they stop? I admit I've thought about quitting a few times. Either I was in a funk or just didn't have anything to write about. I'd rather not write anything than something lame and boring. Unless all my posts are lame and boring and I should just stop. right. now.....

I enjoy it when I find a new blog or a new reader of mine. Right now I seem to have a nice little circle of friends. Some visit but don't comment and others are there before I even know it, like they are peeking over my shoulder and know right when I hit 'publish post'. However we interact, I consider them friends and feel sad when one needs to take a break.

I hope he'll be back soon because I enjoyed his style of writing. He even made cleaning out a desk interesting and was always 'wondering' about something. His brain cells fire way more than mine ever did. Bless you Bill and hurry back.
These last 5 lbs. were difficult to lose. Over Thanksgiving I bought a new scale, not the brightest thing to do because it bumped my weight up a few pounds and I felt like I was starting all over again. But I'm back on track now and hoping I can make it through Christmas.


Cozy said…
I haven't been blogging much lately. Just got nothing to say right now. Like you I am a big fan of Bill's storytelling. I hope we are reading his posts again very soon.
Grumpy said…
Your posts aren't lame and boring. It's interesting how you meet people through blogging and you feel like you know them. Although he didn't say so, I'm concerned that Bill's departure is health related. Then again, it could be he's sold his house and is moving; we will see him back once he's settled. I hope so; he's the most interesting of our little group.

I go through periods where it seems like writing a post is too much like work, or I get stuck finding a subject. Then I make myself believe that I have a core of followers that I don't want to disappoint, so I get something up.
Peruby said…
One lady had given her password to her daughter (she was ill) and when she passed her daughter let us all know. My daughter knows about my blog, I should give her my password. This way folks would know if something happened. It is a strange feeling (and I have run across quite a few) that have stopped posting with no warning. So, you just wonder.

One lady passed and some of us found out by reading the comments posted there by her friends. It was very strange.
kden said…
@Peruby- that's a good idea about the password thing. I'm sure my daughter knows mine cause we use the same one for a lot of things. (psssttt don't tell anyone)

And that would be horrible to find out that way, to read others comments about someone's passing.

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