No Experience Necessary

One of Grumpy's recent posts was about him working as a kid and it reminded me of one of the few jobs I had as a teen. Small towns don't hold a lot of opportunity for youths to find a job. Since my hometown was a farming community, the farmer's kids had it easy, they were either driving combine or the wheat trucks in the summer.

I did the usual babysitting when I was younger and then my mom felt she had to get me a job working for an elderly lady cleaning her home. I have not been able to get away from elderly ladies since. That probably only lasted one summer though because I don't have many memories of it.

The job that holds the most memories was picking weeds in the bean fields. In the spring farmers plant their beans but don't have a mechanical way to pick the weeds. So he hires teens to do it. Some farmers were better than others to work for. A friend got me started and we'd have to meet the driver downtown for our ride to the farm. This sounds so fancy doesn't it? Our transportation consisted of a wheat truck that we would all pile into the back of. That meant getting to bed while it was still light out and getting up so darned early so we could work while it was till half-way cool.  We'd have to bring our own lunch but one farmer had a nice shady yard that we could eat and relax for a bit. I believe we were usually finished by early afternoon.

It was hot, backbreaking, dirty work and I don't recall really liking it, but the farmers did pay everyday. We would all cash our checks at the local drive-inn, eat something and then stash what was left of our check. I don't even recall if I saved my money or spent it freely.

When one field was finished we would move on to the next farmer. This one place, I had never worked before. This guy did NOT plant in rows and bean plants were just endless in this big open field. We would all line up in a row and start walking. There was an area of maybe 4 feet wide that would be our job to pull the weeds from. But these two sisters, that I did not particularly like, kept widening the space between us so I was left with this huge area that I could not possibly take care of. In the evening of that first day on the job, I got a call from the farmer who told me that I didn't need to show up the next day. This is the first and ONLY job I have ever been fired from. All because he was an idiot and didn't plant his beans in row. That still bugs me to this day!

So that was my brief work history in my hometown. I don't know if I did it more than one summer but I doubt it. As soon as I graduated from high school I got the Hell out of town, for good reason.


bill said…
I like to read these memories from those growing up years.
fernvalley01 said…
Claire King said…
OMG kden. Being raised on a farm in MN, we had to "walk the beans" all of the time. Back there, we pulled mustard from the bean fields.
Grumpy said…
So you're actually Hispanic? Seriously, that sounds like a job from which I would want to get fired.

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