Just Shoot Me Now

My mom is still learning the ins-and-outs of her new IPad. She needs help almost daily though with stuff like email and Facebook (which she calls either facepage or faceblog). My brother told her she talks too much on FB and when she wants to direct a question to a certain person she just puts it in her status. I tell her to put her comment or question on that person's wall. "Well, what's the difference?", she asks.

I try to explain "Well, your friends will see it either way but at least they know who you're talking to, sometimes you just ask a question like we're mind readers." I think she understands because she does it right once, and then she's back to talking to anyone who will listen, but really directing it at one person.

And then her IPad has it's own email set-up although she has an AOL address. I have all of her contacts in it which makes it very easy to send an email. But she tries to type the actual email address in the spot instead of typing one letter and let it pull up names to choose from. The email won't send and tells her that it's the wrong address. And then she said my brother told her she can receive mail but not send. I swear, I don't know who is the dingiest of the two. I told her to let it work for her, not try to over-ride it. Ahhh.....she finally gets that now.

When my daughter and I were at her house last week, I put my daughter's blog in her favorites so she can read what she's up to, even though it's not much lately. Big Mistake!

I just got off the phone with her awhile ago and she wants me to set her up with a blog. Huh? Seriously? Are you kidding me? This is how much fun it's going to be. She wants me to set it up on my laptop and then bring 'it' out to her the next time I come and put 'it' on her IPad.

Whack Head Against Wall.

She said she talks to herself all day long anyway so she may as well write it down and maybe somebody can benefit from it. OK Mom, maybe I can call it Funny $&*% my Mom says. I mean that guy that writes about his Dad got a TV show out of it, so why not.

But as I live and breathe, she will still never know that I have a blog. And I will never tell  her about all the great blogs that I read. 'Cause one thing will lead to another and then she may read comments and visit those said commenters, and Bam, I'm busted. I mean a girl has got to have some space.

I am truly happy that she's got this little Devil Device but I feel like I need to steer her in another direction. "Have you tried Googling people Mom? You can learn all sorts of things about them."

I know I sound awful and most kids would embrace their parents' new found interest in the net and blogging. If I had one of those happy little family blogs with pictures of kitties and babies I would be thrilled to help her along. But I don't roll that way. If I choose another blog site for her maybe I would feel better about it and not be so damn paranoid about her running into me if I use blogger.com.

Do you all think I'm just being a big turd or do I have valid reasons to tighten up the armor I enclose myself in?


Peruby said…
I keep my blog away from family and personal friends. No way, José.
Well having your mom blog might be interesting as long as you don't end up having to manage it for her. Of course she might tell embarrassing stories, Mushboy sometimes doesn't like the stories I tell about him.
fernvalley01 said…
Well, my dad reads my blog as do my sister and BIL , so I am careful to keep it PG, but I would hate to have to set Dad up on one, its too bad ,because he is a wonderful fellow and a really interesting man but...
He got so exited about my blog he told everyone he knew, which made me uncomfortable for a while but what the hell I will share my stuff with strangers why not family?That all said I have a group of friend on a private blog ,where I can vent
Anonymous said…
I think you're right to protect yourself. You know if your mom read your blog, you would be self-conscious about what you write, and you would constantly be censoring yourself. Not good.
Claire King said…
I think it is terrific your mom is reaching into this new era. Bless you for helping her with it. I understand about your privacy issues with your personal blog, though. I have only shared mine with 6 or so people. Obviously they are bored with it and don't comment. But that is okay. It's almost like having a secret club and you have to be "worthy" to join it. Ha!
kden said…
Nice variety of pro's and con's peeps. Thanks for weighing in and not thinking I'm a big meanie. I was looking at Bravenet last night, they do blogs. Too bad you can't see samples or someones actual blog before you sign up. But I do think she needs more time on her IPad to get her general skills down before I send her off into the blogging world.
Breathe said…
You need to set up a fake blog with kittens and baby pictures. Give her THAT address.

She'll think you're so boring she'll give you tips to spice it up. then BAM - blog fodder.
Grumpy said…
Let her blog. Set it up on Wordpress, I hear it's user friendly. I encourage family and friends to read mine; they already know I'm an asshole, so no harm can be done.
kden said…
Yea but Grumpy you have a nice family and you don't talk about them.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh God, keep your blog away from her! I would absolutely DIE if my in laws were to read some of my stories, and I could have KILLED Fred when he told his sister one day to read one of my posts - I quickly got on the phone and told her it would be impossible for her to find and I would email the post to her. As far as I know, she's never even opened that email. She's not exactly computer literate.
I think it's great that your mom wants to broaden her horizons; maybe blogging will truly be a good outlet for her. But no, you go with your instincts and keep your secret life secret!
kden said…
Boy I've missed you Ethel! As always thank you for your words of wisdom.

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