The Blind Leading The Blind

I've had my new glasses for one week shy of two  months. And I've been happy with them, uuuhhhhh never. I realize some sort of breaking-in period is natural, but not this long. When I picked them up I was told to wait until morning to wear them, so no adjusting was done. A few days later I went in and said the vision wasn't too clear.

Adjust, adjust, adjust. "OK, wear them for awhile and let us know."

I go back about a week later, still no better. I explain that I must look to the left to be able to see clearly straight ahead. That becomes a little difficult while driving. The optician thinks the left lens wasn't done right and the vision field is over too far. So she gets permission from the manager to order a new left lens.

Lens is replaced. Adjust, adjust, adjust. "OK, wear them for awhile and let us know."

A few days later I went back and said I still was not happy. The optician looks very concerned but we're still not getting anywhere. She looks at my prescription and said whoever placed the order in the first place should have ordered high index instead of  polycarbonate. I told her it was the manager that ordered them. "Well, she's new and doesn't know that much about this department." OK, starting to feel like a guinea pig here. She told me I could see the doctor so I sat and waited an hour while more adjusting was going on. Finally I was told that I should just wear them for awhile more. I could feel my blood start to boil and decided I had better leave.

My daughter had an eye exam appointment at another Walmart. Oh, I didn't originally say I got my glasses at Walmart did I? No, didn't think so. After my daughter's exam I asked the optician in that store if she could look at my lenses to see what is going on. Adjust, adjust, adjust. But at least she sounds like she knows what she's talking about. They make all these funny marks on the lenses with special blue pens. But oooopps, this pen happened to scratch my lens, right in my field of vision. Yippppeee I get another pair of lenses. "While we're at it, lets boost down the vision field, it seems like you're looking out in the mid-range of the lens."

They were ready by the next week so they popped them in and just handed them to me with no adjusting at all. They're a little better but I'm still not satisfied. So today I went in to the original Walmart and pretty much gave them all Hell, from the Optician to the manager. The finally let me see the doctor again who gave me another exam. She said my prescription must have changed since October. Huh? Don't think so. I asked her if it was unrealistic to be able to see a street sign from a block away. She said "Oh, don't ask me I have terrible vision and can't see that far."

Now my fourth pair of lenses are on order. This is their last chance. I don't want to say it's a 'Walmart' thing because I know this stuff happens everywhere. But they are such an strange bunch in that store by blaming each other for what's going on. And they all adjust glasses differently. One is too high, then another fixes that and does something different. We need some continuity here people. I leave feeling dizzier than when I came in.

I think I just better start saving my money for Lasik. I mean seriously, it just shouldn't be this hard to get a pair of glasses and expect to be able to see.


fernvalley01 said…
I don't mean to dis Wally world(much) but I would go to an actual eye clinic.The drive through mentality of that type of place seems to lead to a lot more trouble than it is worth.I have taken several clients there and in the end still wound up taking them to a "lenscrafters" or and actual otometrists office
bill said…
I have a a friend or two who purchased their eye glasses from WallMart. Both had to return a time or two before they got lens that fit. Here, where I live there's better places to go for about the same money.It's usually on big hassle and expensive when it happens. Sorry it has happened to you.
Grumpy said…
I tend to think that the WalMart optical departments are leased, but I wouldn't swear to that. I got my last pair at WalMart and didn't have any problems. In most states it is law that the examining optometrist or opthamologist must provide you a copy of your Rx if asked. You could ask for a refund, get your Rx and take it elsewhere.
Grumpy said…
One other thing of note on this subject. WalMart Optical centers don't make the lenses, they are done by local labs.
kden said…
@Grumpy, yes that's true. They can only do what the doctor says the prescription is. I think she clearly messed up but didn't really want to admit it.

My daughter just got her first pair of glasses. The first pair was from the state and the lenses were made at the local prison. Then I bought her another pair to have as a spare. Oh, to be single vision again, so many problems could be alleviated.
Claire King said…
Hohum. sorry it was such a big hassle. Too many things are, these days.

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