We're Shrinking

I'm pretty much an open book here but there are just some things that I'm not comfortable talking about. One of those things is my weight. It has been a burden, emotionally and physically for years. I was a skinny little kid until I hit about 11, then I started gaining weight. I've often wondered if I have suffered an emotional block to a traumatic event because over one summer I gained about 30 pounds.

I've had losses and gains over the years but nothing really lasted. Just recently I decided to seriously do something about it and hopefully it will be the last time. I initially thought about Weight Watchers so I looked online for a near meeting place. I found one fairly close but still I know how I am and felt I would slack off in inclement weather. I also found many complaints regarding their billing/cancellation tactics so I decided to look elsewhere. I ran across another program online and studied it quite a bit before taking the big step to join. Personal Diets was developed by a dietitian and all diet plans are designed by her.

First, you fill out a questioner about your current eating habits. Then you decide if you want a total recipe based plan, convenience food plan, or combination, a little of both. I chose the combination. After she analyzes your questionnaire she sends you her food recommendations and then the menu plans start on Sundays. If you chose the combination plan, you also have the choice to customize it by choosing one exchange or another. She also fits in convenience food from Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine. Another thing that was important to me was the price, you have your choice of pretty much going it alone with the plan or having support. I chose the support for this 3 month time frame because I figured I may have questions at first. Down the road I think I'll drop down to the other plan.

I've never worked with exchanges before so it has been a little challenging. The last program that worked well for me was the low carb diet. I loved eating as  much meat as I wanted but other than that and vegetables, there wasn't that much more you were allowed to eat. This plan is very balanced and a switch to find that carbs are half of the meal plan. But I can only have 5 exchanges of meat a day which is a little difficult; I do love my meat. Some days are tougher than others, especially when I don't see the scale budge for days at a time. But I just keep going and doing what I'm supposed to be doing and it eventually shows.

I've also become reacquainted with our treadmill which we've had for several years, plus I go to Curves twice a week. I probably should go more but I need to have time for blogging, you know.

But I must say that this has been the easiest thing I have ever done and I'm very happy to say that I've lost 15 pounds since the 3rd of October. The first few days were a little rough, I was SO hungry. But now it's just become a way of life and not something that I feel I must endure to lose the weight so I can go back to eating the way I used to. It's like I finally get it. My husband has joined me too, as if he had a choice. He lost some weight from getting dentures about 6 months ago but that didn't really take any planning or effort. To date he's probably lost about as much as I have.

After I finally made the decision I read a story about Drew Carey in a magazine and at that time he had lost 77 pounds. His story was very helpful to me as well as one of his quotes, "Eating crappy food is not a reward, it's a punishment." I think about that whenever I want a greasy hamburger.

I have set a reasonable goal and still have a long way to go. And I'm not doing this so I can fit into skinny pants. I was never really able to do that and at my age I really don't want to try now. I do have lots of clothes in my closet that may fit me by spring,  and that would feel like a brand new wardrobe. But I do want to feel better. If I am not feeling well and if I know darn well what the reason is, then I know I can't be doing anything good for myself.

I want to feel better and be able to keep up with things that we want to do as a family. Our last vacation really showed me how out of shape I was by not being able to handle that trail to the beach. Yes, it was a killer and I swear it traversed over a damn mountain but it just about killed me and scared me a little too. I really thought they were going to have to airlift me out of there. As an older parent I want to be with my daughter and not have people think she's with her grandma (this just happened, again, last weekend). And when she leaves in a few years for college I don't want to sit around getting fatter. I want to get out and do things, fun things.

So my journey has begun and I'll try not to bore you with ongoing progress. Maybe I'll just stick in my little ticker now and then; it will help me stay on track 


bill said…
The journey has begun and it is a journey with its hills and valleys, its ups and down, its rewards and disappointments, and its successes.

I gained thirty pounds when I quit smoking, anther eighteen or so when I began cooking, mostly breads and sweets, and sampling them all. I found myself obese to the 2nd power or something. I went on a diet, which didn't seem to be working or if it did work, it was so slow I couldn't tell it. Then, in addition I took up an exercise program and the combination of exercise and diet was good and I lost weight, 48 pounds.

However, I went off both and I am again struggling with a weight problem. When you take on a problem like losing weight, I think there's a mental factor, you have to keep your resolve. I admire your efforts. You can do it.
kden said…
thanks Bill! I agree, it all starts in the head. My head was willing but it took a little longer for my body to agree with it. I think they are in sync now ;-)
ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh wow. You have no idea how much this post screams ME.

I struggle, too. Have ALL MY LIFE. I have lost and gained literally hundreds of pounds...and I did the same thing you did - gained thirty pounds in one summer.

I could go into all the whys and hows, but it isn't necessary...what matters is what we do about it...and thank goodness, YOU'RE on the right track. 15 pounds is FANTASTIC! And you are soooo smart to set your goals realistically. I'd love to be a size 9, but, hey, that's just never gonna happen. And truthfully, if it did, it would probably be impossible to maintain, so - no thanks.

I have a closet full of size 14 and 16 that I can longer wear. I'm destined for foot and knee surgery probably in the next month, and I'm not going to set myself up for failure while I'm able to do nothing except SIT AROUND, but right afterwards...I want to do what you're doing. You're my inspiration!!!!!!

Show 'em how to lose, girl!
fernvalley01 said…
go for it! I have struggled with my weight my whole life as well(I am sure I have lost 1000lb ,just keep finding it again(or lost the same pound a thousand times) ,I am loosing it slowly ,but I gotta say ,there are days think I will never loose another pound!
Anonymous said…
I'm pleased for you! I think it would be good for both you and us to keep us updated on your progress. It's always fun to cheer for a friend, and to give encouraging words when need be.
Grumpy said…
Dropping 15 lbs. in that period of time is great; it validates that your plan of action is working. I wish I had your discipline. Keep it up and keep us posted.
Claire King said…
Good job kden. I started an Isagenix program when I moved to my new town in April. Remember, by my divorce hearing, I had dropped 18.5 lbs. I feel great and do not have to count calories. Whatever works, stick with it. www.isagenix.com I am proud of you and your success.

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