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From the archives, 100 years ago.

This was Thanksgiving Day, and a Spokane housewife was hopping mad when she discovered she had been swindled--by a turkey.

She had purchased a nice, fat 9-pound turkey at a local market and "went home with a light heart."

Her heart wasn't the only thing that was light. When she started preparing the turkey, she found it to be stuffed with 20 large pebbles, "crudely inserted through the vent."

She notified police, who talked to the market proprietor. He refunded part of the price and blamed a local wholesale house. The investigation continued.

Meanwhile, the newspaper editorialized about the value of Thanksgiving and the holidays.

"They lift us for a time above the treadmill of our affairs and the low level of living that it tends to form. Our daily business drives us toward narrowness and hardness of character. We become liable to lose sweetness and the fine humanities. But festivals socialize us, enlarge the boundaries of self and enable us to give and take each other's best."
Boy, ain't that the truth. Happy Thanksgiving everyone ♥


Grumpy said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you. Don't eat the pebbles.
bill said…
Sometimes it's just hard to make a profit, sometimes we need a little help, about ten stones worth.

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