Glasses From The Past

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 I got new glasses last Friday. That got me to thinking about all the glasses I have had in the past. I got my first pair in the 7th Grade after I told my teacher that she needed to 'sharpen her chalk', because her writing was all fuzzy. I found myself in the nurses office faster than you can say 'math test next Tuesday'. She tested my vision and then it was a trip to a neighboring town to get tested and then fitted. Since we lived in such a small town we had to travel about 45 minutes away to an eye doctor.

At that time, around 1970, wire frames were just beginning to get popular, so my first pair was a very cool pair of silver wire frames. Probably not the best choice because I was called Granny.

I wore contacts for several years after that until it got too expensive or the shape of my eyeball changed too much or something. I had some colored ones too over the years, blue and aqua. I loved wearing those; they really got the attention of guys. Now it takes a lot more to get their attention.

When I started wearing glasses again, Sally Jessie Raphael was very popular so the bottom frame is my Sally pair only in teal. I remember having them when my daughter was born so that was at least 15 years ago. I don't remember when I switched to the humongous frame right above that but when I try them on now they rest on my chubby cheeks.

My husband and optician friend talked me into the itty bitty frame next and they were my first bifocal ones. Tiny frames were in and I liked them for a few weeks until my mother made a comment about them, then I hated them but couldn't afford a new pair for quite awhile. Even when my prescription changed, I had to stay with the same frame. But last summer I happened to see a picture of my ex-sister-in-law whom we all don't like much anymore and if we were standing side-by-side it would be hard to tell us apart. I mean, how cruel is that? We have the same tiny itty bitty glasses, same short hairstyle even though hers has a bit of a wave in it. And we are about the same weight. Really God? You make the woman we all despise looks just like me?

So when I knew it was time for another eye exam I was determined to get new frames this time around. I really wanted to order them online. You have no idea how many places there are online to order frames and lenses. I found the place I wanted and really did my homework but when I asked my eye doctor about them she said they were pretty good for single vision lenses but she really didn't know how they did the bifocals because certain measurements are used. Oh well, nice try.

The top pair is my newest, a nice lavender color with a little bling on the side. Someday I would like to try the newer darker chunky style, maybe someday. I think I will now take the two oldest pair and donate them to the Lions Club. I'm sure some pretty lady would like to look like Sally.


fernvalley01 said…
My hubby hates my readers as they have a dark rim,but I find it reflects the flourescent lights away and helps prevent a headache so...better than his old ones that were so big when he leaned in to kiss me I felt like I was being attacked by a Fly! his has much nicer ones now
ethelmaepotter! said…
So you've looked like Sally Jessie, Harry Potter, and my high school English teacher. Now you're you. I like the new ones best.

I had no idea you could order glasses online. I don't wear bifocals YET, so maybe that's what I'll do soon, since mine are gettin more scratched every day at work.

Funny you mention donating to the Lion's Club - Fred was just today telling our daughter-in-law about the first pair of glasses he owned - his family was so poor, they couldn't afford new ones, so the Lion's Club gave him a pair. PINK. Can you imagine the humiliation of a 10-year old boy going to school in PINK glasses? I don't know, maybe that's all they had in his prescription; I just hope they show a little more sensitivity these days.

Great post and good luck with those new glasses. Now I've got "Lavendar Blue" stuck in my head!
kden said…
A Fly, so funny Fern.

And pink? Poor little Fred.
Grumpy said…
I sold optical frames in the 70's and big was better. I can't believe the stuff I wore; but then it was fashionable.
bill said…
I've had my frames a long time, through three lens changes; they're still big and they're glass lenses, always glass. I had plastic one time for a short spell in another frame. Glass is heavy but I like it. Interesting post.

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