First Day Of School

I sent my little one off to school today. My little one being a 15 year old Sophomore in high school. But every year no matter how old she is, it still feels like Kindergarten. She still tolerates first day of school pictures so I was able to get two this year before my batteries died.

She's growing up and it's sometimes hard to let go of that Kindergarten girl who wasn't even as tall as the fence way back then. I miss that little girl but enjoy the mature young lady she has grown into.

I can see her roll her eyes at me sometimes, like I am the dumbest person in the world and don't have a clue of what she's going through.

I love to tease her about all sorts of things and it bugs the heck out of her. A friend of hers was over the other day and said if I teased her, it meant that I loved her. Smart boy, he is. He asked her if I told her every night that I loved her, and when she said yes, he said she was lucky. 

So hopefully when she is older and wiser herself she will know how much I did love her and all the things I did to ruin her life were because of that.

When I was looking for her Kindergarten picture I ran across a shot of our yard, when it was fresh and new, just like her as a little girl. Look at the difference of how they both have grown. The picture was taken of the same area she was standing today, just at a different angle.
So I guess there will always be weeds to deal with but in the end there is love and beauty in what we have grown and nurtured along the way.


Grumpy said…
That's really nice.
Claire King said…
How true. She will appreciate your trials and tribulations for her when she hits her twenties. CK

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