A Rerun

A few weeks ago I was reading my friend Grumpys account of his life of crime as a youth. I won't tell you what he was reading to bring about such memories. There's all kinds of mischief one can get into, especially from living in a small town. Trouble ranges anywhere from throwing snowballs at cars while hiding in the park. Going to one of biggest parties of the summer; hosted by the ministers son. Hanging out with a bunch of friends when one of them throws a rock and breaks the school's window. The assembly on Monday morning was NOT pleasant and I think my friend finally confessed after the Principal threatened to take the entire school hostage. I would say that most activities started with drinking and probably ended with drinking too. I had a hangover when I took the test for my drivers license on my 16th birthday. I don't suggest anyone does that, but I passed anyway. Now I could legally be more of a menace on the road.

But then I tried to think of the worst trouble I had ever gotten into and began forming the story in my head, only to remember that I had already written it. So today is a rerun, almost two years old. Some of you have read it, but most have not.

I hope you all enjoy my little trip down memory lane.


Grumpy said…
Never would have guessed. That's what being a teenager is all about, and if you get out alive, all the better. Hung over for your drivers test is a classic.
fernvalley01 said…
Oh yeah ! Under age drinking is what we did best ! I wrote my grade 12 social exam dripping wet and totally bombed after a lunch time water fight "shooter fest" Scored 90% and got my Matric ,but lord knows how!
kden said…
Great story Fern!
ethelmaepotter! said…
Rerun, yes, but well worth a second helping!

Our little town is about 2000, too, but thank goodness, I am well beyond the age when partying and ripping up golf courses would have tempted me! What a great tale, and I'm so happy you lived to tell it!
Nezzy said…
Yep, the joys of youth. This was well worth a second read. Now we just won't tell anyone who put the Mr. Bubble in the Country Club swimming pool the day before closin' for the winter. Nope, sure couldn't of been that blonde lifeguard chick!!! Heeehehehe :o)

Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed summer day!

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