One of Those Days

Do you ever have days when you just feel like crap? Not physically, but mentally? Today is one of those days. Nothing anybody can say or do will make it feel any better. It's not one thing in general bothering me but many things, all piled up.

I'm aggravated that my plantar faciitis is back. I have been pain free since last fall but even my beloved Crocs can't help me now. I change my shoes 2-3 times a day to try and find some comfort. It's always worse in the morning and I swear if I had a pair of crutches handy this morning I would have used them. Tape a marble to the bottom of your foot in the heel area, and try to walk. Yea, that's it. Walking the dog has been out for months. I go occasionally but pay for it later in the day. I even bought some new expensive shoes but had to break them in slowly due to pain. And with vacation coming up in a week and-a-half, what fun am I going to be? A few years ago I was sidelined from walking on beach and had to watch my husband and daughter stroll into the sunset without me. I sat in a cold beach chair waiting for them to come back. Now....that's depressing.

I'm feeling old because my daughter will be 15 in a few days. If she's getting older, I'm really getting older. I feel like I have accomplished nothing in my life. I cook, clean, take care of my mom and other old people, daughter, and husband. Is that why I was put on this earth? If so, I'm not having fun anymore.

I'm disappointed that my husband got his hours cut.....again. He's now down half of what he was just a few months ago. He is just a few hours less of what they consider full time (30 hrs) but because he's been there for 5 years now he will still get to keep half of his sick pay and vacation pay. I guess half is better than nothing.

I'm sad with watching the end of Deadliest Catch and knowing that Capt. Phil's passing is real; he won't be back to fish again. I know that sounds like the dumbest thing on earth to be upset about. But those that watch it will understand and I guess that's all I got to say on that.

I'm slightly irritated that the $350.00 sewing camp I sent my daughter to (in which we got to keep the sewing machine)  has resulted in her making things that she won't even wear. The last item, pajama shorts, I helped her make at home. It was a little more difficult than we thought but we got them done. Has she worn them? No. They are sitting in her drawer. I have asked her over and over to wear them. Tomorrow they will go into a Goodwill box. Don't mess with Mama when she's upset.

I don't really like to blog when I feel like this and I'm sorry if this makes you feel crappy too. Don't feel like you have to comment to make me feel better, it probably wouldn't work anyway. I guess I'm just frustrated at life in general and thought I would feel better if I could get it out.

Nah, not so much.


Claire King said…
Boy am I on your bandwagon today! Some things I noted about your post today; 1)You deserve to vent about physical challenges. It plain sucks! 2)Can you rent a moped and be alongside your fam while they go walking? Hey, you could even leave 'em in the dust if they tick ya off. (haha)3) You and I are of close proximity in age. ( 3 kids here)My eldest is 26!! Then 25 then almost 23!!! Truly, enjoy your time with your girl. High school is rough and she'll need your guidance, more than she'll admit. Then she'll be off in the sunset to her adulthood, not just down the beach.
Claire King said…
Sorry...4)Sorry about your husband's job. Money probs create havoc. 5) I bet your daughter will remember many things from sewing camp and your lessons. It will be appreciated later in her years. I had a sister in law teach me a bit. I did the same thing your girl did...didn't wear them much . I didn't like the end results.6) don't know Capt. Phil...but...still sad. 7) I am glad you blog to vent. For crying out loud...look at my saddened despairing blog! I feel I need to upbeat the tempo soon or I'll loose the few good folks who peek in on it. Cheer up!! CK
ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh sweetie, I wish I could help, but having been there and done that, I know it just has to pass.

My feet have been killing me, too, especially since I started my new job of NON STOP WALKING ON UNEVEN CONCRETE 8 HOURS EVERY NIGHT. I would wear my Crocs, but they're not allowed on the workroom floor. I finally broke down and saw a podiatrist yesterday - I have plantar fasciitis, two HUGE spurs, two average spurs, two HUGE bunions, one saddle bone deformity, and two tumors between my toes. Doc said he was astonished I am able to walk at all. I need to have surgery NOW, but can't afford to take 3 to 4 months off work. So I got a cortisone injection, pads, and will be getting a $400 shoe insert.

Yeah, I feel your pain. Literally. Hang in there.
fernvalley01 said…
Some days are just shitty , with a chance of getting shittier. Hope you get feeling better, chronic pain sucks the life out of even the most optimistic of us
Grumpy said…
Ok ladies, enough already. If I weren't taking happy pills, you guys would have me jumping off the roof.

Here's my advice, for what it's worth. Treat yourself to something you enjoy, manicure, pedicure, extravagant lunch, whatever. Then think about Haiti; things could always be worse.
kden said…
Oh God, we were just getting started and Grumpy had to come along and be the voice of reason

Fern, I love that saying and will have to remember that for daily forecasts!

OK Ethel, you put my pain into perspective. All of that sounds truly aweful and it's terrible that you can't take the time off to get it all fixed.

Thanks Claire for giving me permission to vent sometimes. I usually vent with a large dose of humor added in but just couldn't muster it yesterday.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Grumpy's right, though. Things could always be worse, and they ARE worse for so many. Thanks, Grump.

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