For Rent

My older brother and his wife recently went to San Francisco where he took this picture of a 'for rent' sign.
Two bedroom, one bath--$2,495.00 PLUS another $150.00 for parking. That's 4x our house payment for a month. Just another good reason to stay away from California.


fernvalley01 said…
Holy crap ! Taht just for an apartment?Does it come with a live in housekeeper cook and masseuse??
Breathe said…
Yup. I feel the same way about Austin. Love the place and while the prices don't compare with SF, the hovels for a quarter of a million are a bit tough to swallow.
Anne said…
Welcome to San Francisco :)! NYC is just as bad (although finding a 2 bedroom is a bit of a challenge). Those of us on either coast don't really have the same perspective on housing costs.
Grumpy said…
Throw in a hooker once a week and it's a deal.

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