Damn Foreigners

Summertime is the time for swimming, ice-cream, and camping. It is also the time for road construction. I don't know about where you live, but here in our city it seems like every main thoroughfare is going through some type of fixin' up.

We live on a busy one way street and the neighbors behind us live on the opposite one way street. A few years ago we went through a total  tear down and rebuild of both of those streets, not just a simple repaving. It was a pain but worth the inconvenience now that we have a nice smooth road to drive on.

Traffic from another nearby street in repair is being diverted to our street now.  There is so much more traffic and it's getting hard to get across; either while walking or driving.

Yesterday when my husband and I were on the way to the store we had quite a wait before we could get across. He said "Those Alberta people are so rude. They come over here and drive too fast and won't let me cross when I'm trying to walk the dog; they need to follow the rules."

"Alberta people?",  I questioned before I realized the name of the street that's closed is Alberta. So watch out for those foreigners from 4 blocks away. They'll wreak havoc upon your lives.


fernvalley01 said…
Yup! you gotta watch out for those Albertans! they are renegades and they turn up everywhere! LOL
Grumpy said…
Makes sense to me. Typical woman; blame your slow cognition on your husbands statement. Husbands need a union.
kden said…
@Grumpy; bite me. I'm still trying to get that image out of my head of you and your ex in a motel room, LOLLLLLLLLL!

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