Pretty Yard Art=Fire

I've been making so many glass totems of all shapes and sizes and sticking them all over my yard. The other day I was looking at a Peony and noticed that parts of it were all brown and shriveled. We had transplanted it from another area because it was not doing very well. So I figured it was just a crappy plant and was going to show my husband how bad it looked.

I walked out the back door and could smell wood burning and figured our neighbor was trying to use up the last of their firewood. As I got closer to the plant to show hubby, I saw smoke coming from a piece of driftwood nearby. My husband loves to stick driftwood all over our garden and the sun was coming through a piece of glass and burning the wood. You can see stripes of burn marks as it's been doing it for awhile I guess. Enlarge to see better. So the poor Peony is just getting fried daily and not so crappy after all.

Now I have to rethink this stuff I call art or I might end up burning the house down. I'll be walking around checking all of them to see what they could be burning up. Who knew?


Grumpy said…
You've discovered a new medium. I don't know about the market for it, but it's very clever.
Glad you figured it out before there was a big fire.
Peruby said…
Hmmmm. Interesting. I'll have to pass this along to my brother ( a fireman). It is always interesting to know how house fires start. I'll bet he had never heard of this one.

Careful out there! Glass is pretty, but like you; I would have NEVER guessed it would do that.

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