Movie Star VS The W-O-W

My daughter has a friend who I call Movie Star. This girl is in drama at school and other outside theater groups. Her family is from California so the name is fitting. Her parents are professional photographers and they go to every production she is in to document her life. She is the total opposite of my daughter. But they are friends so that's cool with me. She is actually a very nice girl as is all of my daughter's friends. She has chosen her friends well.

One day after school Movie Star wanted my daughter and another girl to come to her house for awhile. Her mother picked them up from school and took them all home. When it was time to pick my daughter up I got directions to her house. I was only partially familiar with the area and of course got lost. Once you turn off from the main road and head up the hill, the houses get fancier by the block. I'm talking California fancy. As I got lost I was seeing more fancy houses by the minute. "Who lives like this?" I asked my dog in the back seat. When I finally got turned around and headed in the right direction they were waiting outside for me so I could find them easier. Movie Star's house was just as fancy and out I get from my car in my nice Walmart capri pants. Although I didn't go in the the house, I could tell that it was California Movie Star nice. My daughter didn't want to leave and I could sure see why. I'm sure their back yard could hold our entire block in it comfortably. After introductions were done and my dog had sufficiently peed on every little bush in the front yard we headed home.

I was still fuming about getting lost and I told my daughter to never invite Movie Star to our house because I would die of embarrassment. She said that they had already seen the outside of the house because the school is right across the street and they drove right by. Her mom said our house was 'cute'. Um, ok, what does cute mean? I guess you could say that I have inferiority complex issues. I had the not-living-in-a-rich-neighborhood blues for quite awhile.

But this morning I felt a little better. I was sitting at the dining room table and I saw a woman walking by. Our house sits on a gradual slope and by the time you walk past the back yard, it is almost eye level so you can see everything, weeds and all. Although I couldn't hear her, I saw the biggest W-O-W come out of her mouth. I'm really not sure what she was looking at because our yard is quite strangely unique eclectic.My husband likes anything nautical so he has nets, floats, and driftwood everywhere. I like more English garden type stuff with yard art, white picket fencing, fairies, and things like that. So you throw all that together with the assorted dog toys lying all over the yard and you get a total mish-mosh of decorating sense. But I guess it was enough to make one woman go WOW and I felt better about my little house on the corner.

I have to take my daughter back up to Movie Star's house in a few weeks for her birthday party. She's having a murder mystery party with costumes and the whole nine yards with invitations going out to a mere 70. I will try to be cool as I'm taking her and picking her up and just keeping one small WOW ingrained in my brain. Although I will have my husband with me, I'm not sure what will keep him from imploding. He has issues too.


ethelmaepotter! said…
This is so funny!

I can commiserate with you _ I used to house sit occasionally for my millionaire boss - then I'd come home to my SINGLE WIDE TRAILER and cry for a good week.

Just a suggestion - throw some Walmart pearls on with your carpi's, Be-Dazzle some flip flops, and let the dog pee on everything again - you'll feel LOADS better!
Grumpy said…
You have got to get inside next time and describe that for us. When we drive through neighborhoods like that the first thought that comes to mind is "what do these people do for a living?"
bill said…
I think I can honestly say this is the first time I've laughed out loud at a blog. This is so funny. I think everyone has experienced a little bit of this. I was thinking when you went back for the mystery party you might just try to be cute.

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