The Last One

I'm sure this won't be the last glass totem I will make but it will be the last one I bore ya'll with. This is the tallest so far, 39 inches. It looked a lot bigger in the house and then when I put it out, it looked quite dinky next to the house.

I love the glass balls on the top. They were already glued together and I thought they would look great as a topper, and especially against blue. The all blue vase will eventually fade because it's just painted blue and not real blue glass; that's one thing you have to be aware of when working with colors. The base is a large plate and it's partially buried with rocks on top. We are expecting a wind storm today; 40 sustained with gusts of 60. I better not see it rolling down the street!


Grumpy said…
I would buy that. Seriously, you need to start marketing your art.
ethelmaepotter! said…
This is my favorite so far! I love the way it looks like blueberries dripping down the big ball. Don't you dare let this one blow away!

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