AFL Virgin Goes To A Game

First of all I must say that I really don't like sports and out of all of them I like football the least. I think it stems from growing up and on any given Sunday, all that was on was football. We weren't allowed to change the channel, even if Dad had fallen asleep. He could hear the click of the manually operated TV and made us change it back. Plus, with only three channels to choose from, football was on every one. Sunday's were the longest days in the world, especially when weather was bad and you were trapped inside with second hand smoke and football. I longed for school.

But I was looking for something that we could all do together as a family. I had checked into the Star Wars show coming to town but I'm not a Star Wars fan either, so we passed on that. "What does she like?" I can hear you asking. Football it was then, because my husband likes it but has never seen an Arena Football game.

I went online to get tickets and should have bought them then but decided instead to let my husband go buy them in person so he could see what section we would be in. He got *fine* seats, 3 rows from the top, right in the middle of the row. Not a good seat for someone that has to get up and pee every five minutes (him). I was having a day of Vertigo and felt crappy so climbing all the way to the top was a challenge, but I admit the view was decent.

It was promised to be a good game because we were playing the Jacksonville Sharks, the top ranked team  in Arena Football. It was interesting to see a field much smaller (the same size as a hockey rink) and only eight players on the field. Other than that I don't know any difference, even though my husband tried to explain it to me. The game went back and forth with the Sharks just staying ahead for most of it.

I enjoyed people watching just as much as the game. I especially got a kick out of the two giant guys that sat next to my husband. My daughter always sits in between us so she doesn't have to sit by strangers. Smart girl. He saw them coming up the stairs and prayed that they were going somewhere else. Nope. This guy was so big and tall his knees came up to his chest and it looked like he could put his arm around my husband who is not quite a little guy. He looked at my husband and said "tight fit, huh?" They sat scrunched together until the end of the third quarter when he finally decided to move down a row to an empty seat. By then we had decided to leave too. I guess I don't really like crowds and wasn't feeling that great so we left to another cheer of a touchdown.

After stopping for a milkshake, 'cause that always makes you feel better, we got home in time to catch the last minute of the game on TV. We won, 67 to 57. And what made it sweeter is that the offensive coordinator of  the Sharks at one time coached our team to the af2 title in 2006. Ha, take that Sharks!

I am willing to try anything once and most of the time am glad that I did. I did enjoy it and although I probably won't go to another game, I wouldn't mind watching it on TV.  The next time they are playing I will be saying "Go Shock!"  Hey, maybe this football thing isn't so bad after all.


Grumpy said…
Without getting into a debate about whether the Arena league is "real" football, if you enjoyed it you should watch again. As you become more familiar with the game and the rules your enjoyment should increase. Or did you just enjoy the men in tight pants?
kden said…
I was up too high to even notice tight pants.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Lord, I can identify with this, from the football Sundays growing up all the way up to the first live game.

My first was high school football. The only reason we went was because our daughter was playing in the marching band. That night was the first of many years of Friday nights in the bleachers of Cheatham County High School, later followed by MTSU, Austin Peay University, and UT Martin. Many nights we had to leave after the halftime show, since I had to awake at 3am for work the following day.

I never grew to enjoy or understand the game, but Fred never tired of "explaining" it to me. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I eventually learned to tune him out and focus instead on people watching, which, as you pointed out, is the real fun of the game anyway!

Great post!
Claire King said…
Love the football story. My least entertaining sport to watch is golf, then baseball. Ok with live games but the televised games feel so slow.

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