Who Do You Think You Are?

This is one of my favorite shows this year. Produced by Lisa Kudrow and partnered with Ancestory.com, Who Do You Think You Are takes Hollywood stars on journeys to learn about their ancestors and to find answers to family curiosities.

Last weeks show was my favorite when Brooke Shields found that she had ties to Royalty in France and is a first cousin to King Louis XIV. Very Cool Stuff!

I just find ancestry so fascinating and wish I had the time and money to delve into it. I know nothing about my maternal grandparents and not much about my paternal grandmother. I only know some about my paternal grandfather because at one time my former SIL was doing the family tree. I know they came from Norway and settled in Wisconsin in 1884. My Great-Great Grandfather and other families founded the Sugar Creek Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Elkhorn. That is quite a mouthful isn't it? The original church isn't standing anymore but they are still a congregation with the same name.

But one ancestry that I really want to follow is my husbands maternal line. He had always heard as a boy that a relative of his mothers wrote Pinocchio. The way my husband remembers it though, is that Carlo Lorenzini wrote the book, but someone stole it and claimed it as theirs. But in doing research, Carlo took a pen name of Carlo Collodi. Collodi was the name of the village that his mother was born in.  So they are one in the same. Carlo had no wife or children and was one of nine (or 10) children and only 2 (or 4) survived to adulthood. Stories can sometimes be conflicting depending on where you get your information. So if this story was true it would be an uncle relationship and not a grandparent. I think it would be such a great gift to be able to research this for my husband. His father left before he was even born and his mother died when he was 12. He only has a few uncles left and some cousins but I don't think they remember ever hearing about this story. It's just such a shame to let stories die with the older people and not carry them forward.

The show makes it look quite easy to find facts as they jet around the world and meet with historians who  have done all the research for them. Of course they do their plugs for Ancestory.com but I just can't quite put out the money to join. Hopefully someday I will be able to do this as I think it would also be great for our daughter to learn her heritage at an early age.

And even if it were not true at all it would still be a fun story to research.


fernvalley01 said…
Sounds like a great project , lots of work though
Grumpy said…
There are enough public records that you shouldn't need to join any web sites. Fascinating story; good luck.

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