Two More Under My Belt

And they're getting taller! The one on the right is actually shorter but is a pedestal for a small solar powered birdbath that lights up at night. It was too short and I could hardly see it so I made a stand for it.

If you enlarge the picture you can see all the different pieces I used. Check out the cool Margharita glass on the top of the left one.

I am able to whip out one a day now but find myself having to run to the thrift store for 'just a few more' pieces of glass.

I'm addicted.


Anonymous said…
These are gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful! What bird wouldn't want to bathe in that? I particularly like the way you have mixed the glass, so it's not all clear and there is some ceramic in it.
Grumpy said…
You should be selling this art.
kden said…
Thanks Grumpy. I've made so many things over the years and tried to sell them; but that's where I fall short. But if I can make a few extra I might put them out front to see what happens.

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