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Why do people on your email list continue to send political jokes or tirades when they don't really know what your political views are? I think they feel that we have the same views just because we are friends. Lately the emails are getting nastier as things have been heating up in Washington. So now I know where they stand and what they believe in and it's the total opposite of me.

They can't possibly think that everyone has the same views; they must just put us all in a group and hit 'send'. There is one brave soul in a group of receivers that actually sends out a 'reply all' and asks the sender not to send out negative garbage like that. Bless him; I wish I was that brave. I have three friends who send out crap and I don't mean funny little political jokes or cartoons. The ones that I'm seeing recently are mean, full of lies, and darn-right scary to know that some people think like that.

I guess I might have to get a backbone and ask them not to forward them to me. I recently wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper in response to a woman who likened Obama to a rapist of a woman who said 'NO', and he did it anyway. I basically said, not everyone said NO and I don't wish her or my State Representative to speak for ME.

I make it a rule never to discuss politics or religion with my friends and that goes for emails too. Conversations always get heated and it's not worth it. So I guess from now on when one of my friends sends me an email that is the opposite of my beliefs I will be returning them with "Dear Mary, I love you but.......


ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh my, does this hit home!

I have friends who do this, too, but one, in particular, sends AT LEAST one every single day. Not only that, but she often prefaces them with, "I checked this out on and it is true." So of course, I go to Snopes and check it out, and guess what? It's NEVER TRUE!!!!

It's usually political, often religious, and sometimes a mixture of the two. What is striking to me is how someone can profess to be the most upright Christian and send such cruel and intentionally untrue garbage, just because they don't agree with the political views of about half the nation.

Great post.
kden said…
I agree that the most "Christian" people are the worst offenders.
Elle said…
I hate these emails too! "Never discuss politics or religion" is one of the things my mom always said and it's so true. I keep my views to myself and I want the same courtesy from other people.

I work at a pharmacy and we're always getting comments from customers about the new healthcare bill and it's usually an angry rant. It makes me extremely uncomfortable, but I can't say anything.
Grumpy said…
I got one last week that I'm sure you saw during the presidential campaign in '08. Photoshop of a squatting Obama in African garb and a bone through his nose. I wrote the sender and told him it was offensive and to remove me from his address book. His answer was that it was no worse than "liberals poking fun at W's intelligence for 8 yrs."

My reply was that there is a big difference between calling W a moron, which he is, and portraying a black president as a witch doctor, which he is not. I just blocked his address from my email.

But I am constantly amazed that people will send things like that or make racist comments in social situations and assume you must think like them.
Nezzy said…
I like to keep thing light, uplifted and positive. Ya just can't do that being cruel. There are just some subjects ya need to steer clear of to have a happy life.

Ya'll have a wonderful day from the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!
kden said…
I hear ya Nezzy. Very good advice. That's what blogs are for, to air whatever you have to say. Then people have a choice if they want to visit or not. Views are not forced on you like they are in emails.
So sad...blogger ate my original comment but with my luck will post it later. I like the political blogs and the agreeing and disagreeing when it is civil. But so true about keeping it civil. Portraying Obama as a witch doctor with a bone in his nose or Condoleeza Rice as something disgusting are equally wrong. But I cringe when people call the President of the United States a moron or stupid. And I wish people would really check out any emails they forward with Snopes because Ethel is so right, they are rarely true.

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