Random Crabbiness

I've had this picture on my desktop for quite awhile and it seems like a good enough time as any to use it.

It's dark, cold, dreary, and rainy out. Every square inch of my body hurts. And I'd like to live on the coast? The dog doesn't even want to go out and pee, I had to trick her with a ride in the car first. I've got 20 bucks left after buying groceries, gas, and giving my hubby money for gas. No glass buying for me this week. My husband's hours got cut pretty bad. Mother's Day is next weekend and I'm not in the mood. Why is it that a day for mothers just means more work for us? I haven't had my mother over for a long time but the work involved almost seems not worth it. Go pick her, her air tank, her walker, and her cane up. My husband would not be able to do this, he'd probably drop the air tank and blow up the whole retirement community. Then when we get back I start cooking. After a few hours the whole procedure would be reversed and then I would have to hear for several days how hard the whole excursion was for her. Did I mention that my husband got his hours cut, almost in half. We usually take a meal to my mom's for Mother's Day and other special occasions but that still involves me cooking all day and then packing it to her house. Then my husband has to hear for several days how hard the whole excursion was for ME. We have to go to a college informational meeting this Saturday from 9-12. It's sponsored by our district and the State Scholarship that we applied for. But why? Why now? She's only a Freshman and they seem to pile on this stuff way too early. The kid doesn't even know what she wants to do yet. Did you hear that my husband got his hours cut???? On Facebook a former classmate sent me a Kiss Kiss request. Now, I like Flair and Hearts but to receive a Kiss Kiss request from someone that I thought was kind of strange in high school is a little creepy. It just sits there staring at me. I don't want to be rude and click ignore but I sure don't want to accept it. My dog has colitis. She's had it for a few years but was only diagnosed about 6 months ago. On days when it's bothering her you can hear her tummy rumble clear across the room, and she's not interested in eating at all. But the next day she makes up for it by wanting to eat all day long. I feel bad for her but there is really nothing you can do for it. Damn, my husband's hours were cut! My daughter and I are trying to get used to him being around the house more. We are not adapting well. I should go exercise. I only go twice a week as it is and already blew off the first one. I need some happy pills to keep me motivated because I am not a self-motivated person. I haven't even walked the dog all week because of the rain. But that's her fault because she hates the rain. I hate not being able to have high speed internet. I've never seen a UTube video or any of the cool videos my friends send me. A typical 5 minute video takes hours to download. I was all set to sign up for high speed on our new laptop in a few months so it would be wifi capable for our upcoming vacation but then you all know what happened--my husband got his hours cut. Dammit. I may have found a solution for the wifi part though. I may be ordering "The Seed" in a few months to give it a try. It's a plug and go wifi adapter and hopefully will work on the road. For the most part I really don't mind dial-up but there are times when I would like to be able to have a page load in 1.2 seconds instead of 5.7 minutes. I'm just sayin'. And the whole wireless concept just confuses the crap out of me. Just when I think I have it figured out I ask someone another question and I get confused all over again. My daughter has more Facebook friends than I do, and she joined after me. How is that possible, she's just a kid? I guess that's why. With two exceptions (and one's a dog) my FB friends are quite boring. They either play Mafia Wars or play in their Farmville gardens. I like stimulating banter and old high school stories. I hide some of them due to political crap posted daily or unending pictures of grandchildren I have never met. I have to read my daughters page just to get some gossip excitement for the day . Oh, remember that boy my daughter liked? He moved on to her friend for a few weeks and then has  moved on again. What a dink.

I guess I'm done for the day, I'm sure most of you have left by now without even finishing this pitiful post.


Breathe said…
Whew. You need a massage.

But his hours got cut.

Maybe he has time to give you a massage now. Win win!

My dog hates the rain too. Good thing we don't live in Seattle, she's never be able to pee outside.

Wifi rules. Most libraries have free wifi you can hop on for free. Maybe you can save up your utube wish list and watch in a library.

I love pitiful posts. Especially when they are darn witty.

Hope tomorrow is better, tho...
kden said…
Breathe--that's funny on more than one level. He USED to be a massage therapist. Hopefully he hasn't forgotten how to give one.
Grumpy said…
I don't know whether to laugh or cry. That was mostly hysterical, except for the work hours being cut part. Maybe that will mean more SS dollars. Take my advice, people who were strange in high school are still strange. Click ignore; it gives you a feeling of control over something.
anml_lvr said…
I'm really sorry and I know what you're going through, but it is so funny!
ethelmaepotter! said…
You sure picked the right image to go with this post!

I'm sorry you're so down, but at least you've kept your sense of humor!

Hoping things are looking brighter for you by now.

Claire King said…
What a lovely blog page. I just started. Have a ways to go to catch up to your and many other personal, page touches. You are welcome to view mine and complain & critique it all you want. LOL. I live in Washington and always hated to pee outside on camping trips whether it was rainy or sunny.
Well, I would say should I call a wambulance but, man, your husband getting his hours cut hurts. Every time I turn around I am getting less and less work or getting paid less for the same amount of work. I wish I could whine and be that entertaining~!

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