The Non Blessed Day

A few weeks ago I saw an article in the paper that announced a Tibetan Monk would be doing pet  blessings at a local park today. I've always wanted to do that so my daughter and I put Nellie in the car and headed out.

Our city has some nice parks; but we also have some very rustic, hard to find parks. And you can guess where this pet blessing was going to take place. In this particular area there are three parks all bunched up together. We stopped at one and saw a lot of dogs milling around and figured we were in the right place. I even asked a couple of dog owners and they didn't really know where to go either. We walked around for awhile and then decided to drive a bit further.

Just about a block away we found a sign to the other park with another sign pointing to the pet blessing area. Onto the dirt road we go, and not just any dirt road, but a dirt road with the biggest ruts I've ever seen. Our van was rocking violently back and forth and poor Nell in the backseat was sliding all over the place. The road was narrow and this SUV came up along side me and I thought she was going to park. But she proceeded to pass me on this narrow rutty road so I did what anyone would do in this situation. To my daughters embarassment, I honked and called her a Bitch.

Then the road gets even narrower because people are parked on both sides of the road. I see the woman park and I pull alongside her and tell her how rude she was to pass me. She said "well you were going about 1 mph and I could go faster so I went around. I don't think I hurt you did I?

I said "That's not even the point, you were just plain rude."

Then I see this car in front of me and he can't get past me and there is someone behind me so there is nowhere I can go. So this poor older man has to back up all the way to where he was just so I can get through. In the meantime I see Rude Woman walking her ugly Standard Poodle up the hill so I yelled, "And your dog's ugly too!" Poor daughter is embarassed again and she tells me to keep my mouth shut. Ah, you got to love a 14 year old who has to tell her mother to be quiet.

By the time I got past Backward Driving Man and give him a dumb apologetic smile I see the crowd of people and dogs and decide that I'm not staying. I just kept driving and told my daughter that I don't care if we end up in Canada, I'm not staying, because if I saw Rude Woman again I might have to punch her and that wouldn't look good in front of a Monk. I finally found my way out of the area and almost ended up at my mom's house. But I wasn't in the mood for visiting so we headed toward home.

It just seemed that this was very poor planning to hold this event here. There are so many nice parks that this could have been held at. We even have a dog park that I would have been willing to drive to.

So I'm sorry poor Nell but you will not be getting blessed today. But I think she was more miffed that her walk got cut short though.


fernvalley01 said…
People are often soo obnoxious ! However embarassed your daghter was ,I can see your point
Grumpy said…
I love you yelling at someone who would pass on a one lane, rutted dirt road. I'll bless Nellie if you want.
ethelmaepotter! said…
A Tibetan Monk doing pet blessings? I have never heard of any such.

"...if I saw Rude Woman again I might have to punch her and that wouldn't look good in front of a Monk." Too funny!

Boy, you really DID feel like complaining, didn't you?!

I'd go with Grumpy for the blessing, if I were you.
Signe said…
Love the ugly dog comment :D Had to lol at that one!

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