My New Obsession

My mom lives in a retirement community and there is one house that I drive by on the way to her place. They have the most gorgeous looking glass yard art that they make to sell. I've been admiring them for a year now but never have been able to buy one. So I slowly drive by and study them and just figured I'd make one for myself.

First I did some research on glass bird baths because I thought that's what they were. I guess it just depends on how they're put together. But I finally found some online, called glass totems. So I studied some more and and then went shopping at thrift stores for glass ware.

To start with I'm only making small ones. The three that are made with vases actually slip on top of a stake and put anywhere you want. The very first one I made is leaning badly so I'll give that to my mom. She's my guinea pig for crafting. The other one with the frosted glass and blue is my favorite so far and sits on a bench in my backyard. The totems themselves stand about 4 feet tall and I'm going to have to buy a whole lot more glass to get one of those made. They do take some planning and have to be glued in stages. So far the best glue to use is not really glue but glass caulk that will withstand heat and freezing temperatures. When I do get a large one made I will post a picture.

The one on the left I've added a little twist by gluing identical glasses together with sand and seashells inside. Can't ever have too much sand and seashells in a project.

So this summer I will be filling my garden with flowers and glass.


Anonymous said…
Those are beautiful! Who would have ever thought that plain old glass from a thrift shop could look so good?
ethelmaepotter! said…
I have never seen anything like this, but I love it! Your blue one is beautiful; congratulations on a well-done job!
Grumpy said…
That's really creative. That takes some imagination and talent.
Signe said…
Wow, those are really pretty! I've never seen that, either.

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