Lovin' Jonny

You all will just have to indulge me while I gush over one of my favorite recording artists, Jonny Lang. He may not be anyone you have ever heard of, but those that have can't get enough of him. He started his blues/rock/gospel guitar career at the early age of 12. He joined the Bad Medicine Blues Band and quickly became the leader and renamed the group Kid Jonny Lang and the Big Band. He released his solo debut album at age 15. Even when he was young he had a voice you that made you think he was much older and seasoned. He won his first Grammy with his latest album release in '06. And I just found out his younger sister was a semi-finalist (top 36) with American Idol last year. Geez, I learn something everyday!

I first saw Jonny on TV when he was about 16. And then in '99 when he was 19 he came to town and my husband and I saw him for the first time, and I was hooked. My daughter grew up on his music so we were very excited when we saw that he was coming back to town; I bought tickets four months ago!

We saw him Tuesday night and it was a mixed age concert so we were able to take our daughter. The concert house is small holding up to 1600 but it's just right for this type of concert. The downfall is that half of the house has seats, the other half is standing only. In order to get a seat you have to get there VERY early. Well, you know me, if I don't wanna do something I'm gonna complain about it. I emailed the patron services manager and told him I just didn't feel like standing all night. I told him it was my daughter's first concert and I wanted to make a special night out of it. He wrote back and told me to ask for him outside at the door and he would put us at the first of the line. As it happened my husband hurt his back and was using a cane so that helped get us up front too. They have a small seating area for minors so we grabbed a great seat and stayed parked for the rest of the night. It was fun watching people. I thought my daughter was the youngest but then I did see a boy about eight. My husband was probably one of the oldest, mid 60's was a pretty common sight with many using canes. That's why I love Jonny, he really appeals to all age groups.

I did go down below mostly to get some shots and ended up working my way to the far edge of the stage. I kept motioning my daughter to come join me but I think she was afraid that she was going to get squashed. Everything was going great until some fat dude bumped my photo takin' arm. Ohhhhh....you do not mess with a pre-menopausal chubby woman taking pictures of Jonny. He was trying to elbow his way in to impress his friends still seated. I poked him and told him to quit bumping me. He finally got too close and they made him step back. By then my feet were killing me, even in comfy Crocs and I made my way back to my seat with a camera full of Jonny. Most are blurry but I don't care.

We got home very late and felt pretty crappy all day yesterday but it was so worth it. I hope he doesn't take another 12 years to come back, I'll probably be too old by then. Or maybe I can just borrow my husband's cane.


Grumpy said…
I'll admit I never heard of him, but I will go looking for a CD.
Elle said…
Sounds like an awesome time. I haven't heard of him, but I will have to check him out. That was sooo smart of you to email ahead and get awesome seats.

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