Snap, Crackle....Pot!

The other night I heard on the news they were going to do a story about someone who was arrested selling pot laced Rice Krispie Treats to local high students. I was chuckling *almost positive* that it was the other north side school, not the one right across the street from our house.

Wrong. This 20 year-old was making daily trips on his bike from his house and meeting kids at lunch time in a nearby parking lot. High schools have an open campus and they can go anywhere for lunch as long as they get back in time.

Detectives had been watching them for awhile and after they arrested him, they went to his house where he lives with his father. They found a a nice marijuana growing operation as well as many more treats, cookies and brownies. It seems his father was in on it too. Maybe he's the one that donned the apron and did the baking for his baby boy.

They both carry legal medical cards for marijuana use but I wonder why a 20 year-old would be issued such a card? Isn't that kind of like handing a toddler a bag of candy and tell him to only use it as needed?

For only 3 bucks, a student can walk across the street, buy some pot and take it back to school to eat it. Wow, I sure didn't have that much fun when I was in school. I had to wait for the weekends to do my pot smokin' and underage drinkin', and that was only if we could find someone to buy it from. We didn't have any krispie totin' bike ridin' card carrying kid to help us out.

No, we were gypped for sure.


fernvalley01 said…
Holy crap! Nice father son bonding!
Grumpy said…
$3.00? My cash is on the way.
ethelmaepotter! said…
I think that might be my in-laws....
Nezzy said…
Golly gee, this Ozarks farm chick was just thrilled with a malted from the Castles across from the high school. Oh, the times have changed!

From the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

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