New Family Members

This morning we had two new family members delivered. A new fridge and stove. Both are new but from a ding and dent center. Why not save a little money, huh? These avocado lovelies came with the house 12 years ago and who knows how old they are. They still worked fine but little things were breaking down such as one of the stove handles was held together with super glue.

They will take a little getting used to. I miss a side by side but with the space confinement we weren't able to go with something that size. It was hard cramming everything into the top freezer. We had to throw some things away which I suppose needed to go anyway.

And I will miss the storage drawers in the stove. A large one on the side and a bottom drawer held everything we needed although the oven itself was smaller. This new smaller stove made us totally clean all cupboards out in order to rearrange pots and pans to fit. I guess that's one way to clean a kitchen. And I didn't realize that the oven is not self-cleaning. My husband mentioned it while we were looking but I said in my all-knowingness that pretty much all ovens are that way now. Ha, guess not.

One thing I will really miss is the extra plug our old monster had that you could use to plug in smaller appliances when needed. I had my toaster oven sitting on the stove plugged in ready to go.
I wish I had taken my time to look more now. I'm usually a very smart consumer and take my time making decisions, but occasionally I am impulsive and buy things just because I have the money and I'm afraid if I don't buy NOW, then it will be gone.

But it will all work out after a little adjustment period.  I will adjust tonight by going out to dinner and not cooking with it.

And damn I had to go buy more butter because everything was so rushed that I left butter and God knows what else in the butter drawer and they took it with them. It's just a good think that we don't hide money in our fridge like some people do. Money? What money? Oh yea, the money I just spent on a mini fridge and stove. OK, I'm starting to ramble now so I think I'll go take the dog for a walk.


fernvalley01 said…
It is hard to let go of old comfy stuff, but thid will be nice too in time. Too bad about the old stove though It looked like agreat setup
Grumpy said…
And avocado will be back in style some day.
kden said…
Grumpy you are probably right. And if I had kept them I would be retro and cool. Today there was an article about stoves in the paper and it said that stainless steel is now blase and on its way out. Well, doesn't that just figure. Anytime I finally get something new, it's already old!
ethelmaepotter! said…
So, how are the new ones working out? Do you like the new stovetop? I absolutely adore mine for clean up, but I prefer gas for cooking. Is the bottom a second oven or storage?
kden said…
Ethel-The very bottom is storage but sure not very big. I've got all my other cupboards stuffed full of pots and pans now. I bought cleaner and pads for the top and religiously clean it after every meal. I told my husband it's like a new car; for the first month I will be good about it, then will probably let it go.... I've never cooked on gas so don't know the difference, but so far I like cooking on the flat top, I suppose until something spills over real bad.

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