My Exercise Routine For Today

I missed my early morning walk to go shopping. I like to get to the store early on Thursdays and then walk later. But somehow the day just disappeared, although I had good intentions.

Left the house at 11:35 to go work out. Decided to go mail my moms Valentine card first. Drove past McDonalds. Dropped off the card and turned into McDonald's parking lot. Had lunch all by myself. Drove home guiltily full of french fries. Promised my dog I would take her for a walk. Looks like rain. Besides I have to meet with my daughter's school counselor after school and I don't want to be all wet and stinky. Came home from my daughters school and patted my dog on the head. Sorry girl, it's still raining, I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow.

My husband is proud that he's lost 7 lbs. due to having new bottom dentures. I think my butt found them.

I hope  your day was a little more productive.


Grumpy said…
And you have who to blame?
kden said…
I didn't think I was blaming anyone. I clearly know who's at fault here.

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