In Direct Relationship

Have you ever noticed that the things that can go wrong and are going to cost you money are in direct relationship with your tax refund? Happens every time.

I just did our taxes and we will be getting back a nice refund. We laid out where this money should go. We always put money away for vacation first; because we deserve it. Secondly we are putting some in savings to use for a medical slush fund since we don't have insurance any more. Some more put aside just for fun and the most of it will go toward a bill with the largest interest payment.

That sounded all well and good until Nellie's butt swelled up. Things were apparent this morning that she was in distress. We don't really always pay attention to our dogs butt licking but when it gets to be obsessive you kind of have to notice. She was also walking guarded, pacing, and panting. Now, me being the cheap frugal one of the family I thought about waiting until tomorrow morning to get her in to see our vet. But I am also very sensitive and knew that she must have been in a lot of pain; especially when I snuck a peek under her tail. I kind of hesitated to take her to the only place available on the weekends because they already screwed up before. But here I am being sensitive again and think we better take her anyway.

The Vet assistant took a look at her and said, "I'm not doing that" and got the Vet.

"Yep looks bad, we need to cut that baby open and drain it", the Vet said.

She asked us to look at the estimate first before making a decision. With the anesthetic, procedure, and meds we're looking at $400.00. The cheap side of me still wrestles with the sensitive part but I sign the damn paper.

Two hours later when we pick her up, she's glad to see us and as I look over at a couple crying I'm relieved that we at least get to take her home.

Then we say what we always say, "I'm sure glad our tax refund is on the way." I guess the oil leak in my car will have to wait.


fernvalley01 said…
Poor pup ,Poor you . Hope the oil leak is not a bad one. My frugal sied is constantly at war with my sensitive side as well
So true about the refund.
I am glad your dog is okay.
Grumpy said…
Good for you. I'd pay any amount for my pets' health.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Ah, you did the right thing. Of course. Hope the refund is inflated more than the butt.

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