Guess the Occupation

Today we're going to play a little game of Guess The Occupation. This woman works in town and I see her everywhere, magazines, billboards, T.V., and probably bus benches too. I don't know why this ad bugs me so much. It must be because cute little blondie with the Lara Spencer pose does not look like her occupation.

I want a plumber to look like a plumber, butt crack and all. I want a cop to look like a cop, except when he's right behind me. I want a teacher to look like a teacher. I want my mechanic to look like a mechanic, not like some guy out of GQ. I want my courier husband to look like a courier, 'cause I know he didn't step out of GQ. I want a waitress to look like a waitress. People are more believable when they look like their occupation.

This woman does not look like a Dentist; yes she is a dentist and I'm not sure I could trust her as my dentist. She is too pretty and pink to be a dentist. She needs a white coat or at least some kind of smock with tools in her hand. Then I might trust her with my mouth.

I've been to her office; not as a patient though. Oh no, I go to a 'clinic', where the waiting room is full of Spanish and Russian dialects. Where standing room only is common and different smells cause you to want to wait outside.

A woman I know is a patient of Pretty Pink Lady. Their office waiting room would put a fancy hotel lobby to shame. Plush couches, stone floors and a beautiful view. Her office is located on the South Hill, which by our entire city's standard is "where the rich snobby people live". So who's going to pay for Pretty Pink Lady's office? Well, you are my friend if you buy into her model-like ads and become a patient. 

She's been voted top Dentist many times and I'm sure she is. But to me, she's not believable. I'm sorry but I live on the North Side where people look normal and believable. So put on a jacket Pretty Pink Lady, muss the hair a little to look like you're working, grab a drill and I might believe you're a dentist.


fernvalley01 said…
She also looks too young . I was in emerg after a wreck on a horse and a perky little 12 yr old(OK maybe 28) waltzs in anfd says I will be your Dr today, I was like you will be my Dr in 20 yrs and not a minute sooner!
ethelmaepotter! said…
I never would have guessed dentist, either, but it seems there are so many pretty people out there these days, they HAVE to work somewhere, don't they? I mean, they can't ALL be models and movie stars.
I had one of those moments last year, though, when we met my husband's new doctor. Well, actually, his OLD doctor's NEW nurse practitioner, who, of course, sees all the doctor's patients. I don't know what the doctors do anymore. Anyway, this woman is young, 20ish, about 6 feet tall, about 120 pounds, a good 25 of which are sitting pert and pretty on her chest, has the kind of long, lustrous hair that Miss Clairol could use in commercials, and flawless skin. When I say this girl is gorgeous, I MEAN she is gorgeous. And yet, she's writing out prescriptions and listening to heartbeats.
And dadgum it, she's actualy very good at her job, and nice, to boot!
Signe said…
When I was reading the beginning, I was thinking plastic surgery of some least I got the medical aspect right!
But I wouldn't mind if my mechanic looked like he stepped out of GQ...I might get my oil changed on time more often.
Grumpy said…
Go ahead, call me shallow, but she can be my dentist any day.
Maybe she gets lots of men getting their teeth done

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