What The Hell Wednesday # 6

WTH Wednesday was started by Blue Monkey Butt. You need to go take a look at these funny sisters and their readers.

My daughter needs to grow more feathers or get some fat on her. She is a tiny little thing so I  her 'bird', which she despises.

I keep our house relatively cold cool, about 65 max. The older couple I work for keep their thermostat set at 75, summer or winter. WTH? By the time I leave there, I'm about ready to pass out. So I'm very content to come home to my meat locker and chill out.

Lately it's been about 40 outside in the morning, so I don't turn on the oil filled heater for my daughter. When it's colder I turn it on and lay her robe on it so it will be nice and warm when she gets up. Most mornings I hear "Why didn't you turn on the HEEEEEEEEttttteeeerrrrrrrr, it's freezing in here?" WTH? I'm so hot I'm sweating and she's cold.

The first thing she does when she gets home from school is heat up her rice pack and carry it around like a baby. WTH? "It's soooooo coooooold in herrrreeee", she whines again.

In the meantime I keep checking the thermostat because I swear that it's about 80 in the house. Maybe I'm peri-menopausal which only leads to death, of the ovaries that is.But it may as well be death from what I've heard. I already wake up several times a night and can't keep cool enough. I feel like a heater is always on inside me. WTH.

So my daughter better start dressing in layers more, grow more feathers, or eat more, because I don't see this changing anytime soon.


The Blue Zoo said…
My sister is always freezing. She wont even stay at my house when she comes to visit cause she thinks my house is too cold! lol
Grumpy said…
Surprised you like it cold in the house; in my limited experience, most women like it warm. We have been playing thermostat wars at our house for years. I could sleep with all the windows open in the dead of winter.

BTW, my wife lived through menopause without a scratch. More importantly, so did I.
Elle said…
Brrr! We keep ours at 68 during the day and that's cold enough for me. Last night my daughter was walking around with a blanket all night. Maybe she just wants a Snuggy.
You might want to have your thyroid checked. When mine was overactive I felt like I was living in an oven and never needed a coat all winter. We live in Upstate NY where it snows all the time so coats are usually mandatory.

Thank for joining us for WTHW!
Cassie said…
Uh, 65 is definitely too cold so....sorry I'm on your daughter's side. In our house the thermostat is usually around 71 and I still sit on the sofa with a blanket.
fernvalley01 said…
I am the other way these days , can't get warm! Spent the weekend with a friend who is in full blown menopause, what a pair we were!
ethelmaepotter! said…
Uh...honey...I think you need to face facts...it's called HOT FLASHES. 65 degress? I'm with your tiny little offspring - put on a string bikini, sip ice water, carry one of those personal fans, but for godness' sake, give that child some heat!
I am so lucky I never went through the hot flash period. ALL, and I do mean ALL my female friends are either currently going through it or just over it. I am at work shivering in layers, with hat and gloves, while they fan themselves in tank tops...even on the coldest nights, when the indoor temp hovers at 64!
Stacy said…
We keep our thermastat on 69, so it stays around 69-70 degrees. Any higher and I roast, any lower and I freeze. Sound like your daughter needs a Snuggie. he he he

Thanks for joining us today!
kden said…
Ha, my mom gave my daughter a snuggie for Christmas and she won't wear it. I'll tell her you all said she should wear it tho!
I love the house cooler. Heat set at 65 in the main part and no heat in the bedroom
Shelly said…
OMG! I think I'm with you on the pre-menopausal. I'm always hot. I'll turn the heat off and wake up and it's 63 in the house. Hubster thinks it's FREEZING and I'm in shorts and a tank top feeling comfortable. The kids like to cuddle under blankets when they get up so everyone is happy...except hubster. When the heat is on it's at 68. My in-laws keep theirs at 75 in the summer and 78 in the winter. We show up for Christmas with the kids in shorts so they don't over-heat...WTH?
kden said…
Yea, I love a cold room with nice warm flannel sheets. And you got to have the heated rice bag at your feet. Now, that's livin'.

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