Sea Heart

I first learned about sea hearts from my friend Cactus Jack Splash. He was given a sea bean and hamburger bean from a friend. I was so fascinated by them, that I spent hours online trying to learn more. Plus I'm always looking for interesting stocking stuffers for my daughter for Christmas. And since we are all ocean lovers I thought it would have a special meaning to her.

Sea beans are actually pods that grow from vines along the banks of the Amazon river. After the seed pods drop to the rain forest floor, heavy rains wash them into the river and they drift thousands of miles to the open seas. Many are found on the shores of Ireland, Scandinavia, and Greenland. There are all types of sea beans; large and small and even ones like Jacks that look like tiny hamburgers. Once they get polished up, they  take on a beautiful mahogany color.

I didn't want to buy beans in bulk though and finally stumbled on this website, which makes jewelry out of the largest of them all. They lovingly call these Sea Hearts. I spent hours here too trying to find the perfect key-chain, there were many to choose from. I finally settled on this one as her favorite color is blue. They are surprisingly light considering their size. This is definitely one key-chain you'd never lose.


ethelmaepotter! said…
How fascinating! I've never seen or heard of either of these, but now you have me wanting one.
Aren't they something? Amazing stories behind each bean, wish they could tell them.
Mine is in a special place and will be added to my regalia when I am in costume with the DOR.
I am glad that more people are finding out about this amazing little treasures

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