It Was Nice While It Lasted

Our family has had pretty decent health insurance through our state for over three years now. We aren't the type of people that go to the doctor for every little thing but it was nice to know that the coverage was there if we needed it. My husband was able to have surgery on his little toe and I was able to have my yearly tests taken care of. And our daughter got to have her well child exams every two years as well as visits in-between as needed.

But now since my husband and daughter are receiving Social Security,  we are now not eligible for the insurance. Even if we had snuck in under the income guidelines we couldn't have afforded the higher premium anyway. Because of budget cuts, they were going up quite a bit and there is even a chance with more budget cuts that the program will be cut altogether.

We knew it was going to happen but I guess until it really does happen you are in a bit of denial about it. So now we have exactly 27 days left to get sick or hurt for us to be taken care of by a doctor.

I'm not going to waste my time (and yours) by grumbling about it because we are just a few out of millions who are in the same boat. It just is what is is and it sucks, for all of us. Even with health care reform, it will be several years before it will even be in effect.

So if you are one of those that have health insurance, say a little 'thank-you' tonight to whatever you believe in and maybe say a little prayer for us too.


fernvalley01 said…
I am a Canadian gal ,so I don't have to deal with the private insurance thing...yet. It must be soo frustrating and disheartening . Is there a plan you can get?I also have benifits through work ,do they do that there?
ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh sweetie, I am so sorry you are going through this, and, yes, I know you're going down in a boat with thousands and thousands of other Americans.
I actually spoke out (a rare thing for shy little me) at work last week, when several of my coworkers were bemoaning the fact that our Blue Cross premium had risen from $98 a month to $112! They were actually enraged, and I had to remind them of all the workers in this country who pay twice, three times that amount, or who have no insurance at all.
Hoping you all stay very healthy in 2010 and beyond!
kden said…
Fern, there are some private plans out there and my husband can get insurance through his job. But it would be 600.00 just for him alone. That's 1/3 of his check. And I'm sure private plans are much more. Other debts and payments have to be taken care of first so that's why insurance has to take the back burner.
Grumpy said…
This type of situation just isn't right. Not in America.

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