Hooked on Facebook (sort of)

I joined Facebook a couple of months ago. Well, I actually joined twice. Once as the real me and once as the blogger me. I started this whole blogging thing to be anonymous and have to keep going with it, so hence the two separate accounts.

I don't post on my Status much, but comment on others. Most of my friends are from my small town school, people I never really kept in touch with. I don't play the games at all and have blocked all farmville, fishy things, mafia stuff, etc. I'll accept a few hearts and drinks and send a few out but not many. I only have 3 friends on my blogger one so may delete that, just not sure yet.

So, why the Hell did I join you ask? I'm not sure really. I guess it was the curiosity thing. My brothers did even though they are more reclusive than me. Maybe I just wanted to see what they were up to since I don't hear from them much.

Once I joined my old school friends started 'friending' me. It's nice to catch up and see people that you really liked and wondered what they were up to. A neighbor that we always played with lives right here in town. And just last night I got a friend request from a woman who used to own the daycare that my daughter went to. Her son is the same age and we were good friends for quite a few years. Then I lost track of her but thought about her a lot. So we chatted quite a bit last night and it was nice to catch up.

Now I find myself trying to find old friends and are sad when they don't seem to be on FB. There is one friend in particular that I have been trying to find for years. We got into a horrible fight about 14 years ago and it was mostly my fault and I feel bad how it ended. She's not on FB but I saw her in a picture on a page of a friend of hers. I'm debating about emailing her and asking her to pass on a message to Suzy. I might have to get out of my Chicken suit first. I always have good intentions but keep most of it my head.

I've become fans and followers of Man V Food, Jonny Lang, Big Prize Giveaways, Time Bandit, The local Humane Society, Pull up your pants you look like an idiot, Itunes, and I love Cannon Beach.

So I admit I'm spending a little too much time on FB, checking my notifications and looking for people I knew from long ago. I can't let it consume my entire life though because my photography seems to have taken a back burner and I still need to find the time to complain.


Grumpy said…
I have become a Facebook addict. I enjoy the interaction with family and friends and have re-connected with a couple of friends from high school that I hadn't seen or heard from in 40 years. If you're interested, I can be found at: facebook.com/jacketman2
kden said…
I will look you up later today Grumpy. And then you will get to see the un-anonymous me--Horrors!
ethelmaepotter! said…
I joined Facebook because a friend suggested it; and I immediately began getting friend "requests" from all over. I very rarely check in. Although I do enjoy the friendly banter between some the people who are hooked on it.

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