Don't leave the duck there, it's totally irresponsible!

I was watching the local news this morning and heard a story about a guy in the UK who talks in  his sleep. Not your average babbling that no one can understand but very funny stuff. His wife started recording his nightly rants just for family and friends at first. But now they have a blog and she posts daily about the things he says the night before.

You've got to check out Sleep Talkin' Man. I haven't been amused this much in a long time. Some things aren't suitable for children with a lot of F words, but overall very hilarious. They even sell t-shirts with his sayings on them.

What a nice life, go to sleep, say some funny stuff, put it on a t-shirt, and make money. I say way to go Sleep Talkin' Man!


Grumpy said…
They were on the Today show Fri. morning. Hilarious.

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