Croc Attack

I have been wanting a pair of Crocs shoes for a long time. But after I read about my friend EthelMaePotter and her experience with them I just had to give them a try. Several years ago I came down with plantar faciitis. I guess I didn't just come down with it, it was a slow progression from wearing poor shoes and being too heavy. And, well getting older too maybe. It started with heel pain in one foot that was so bad it was getting more difficult to walk. I ended up wearing heel cups in my shoes and wearing a special sock at night. These both helped but my foot still hurt and I was never able to go barefoot. I always had to have my sensible shoes on with my heel cups. Then it happened to the next foot a few years later. Crap!

Just a few years ago on vacation I had to sit out on my favorite activity; walking on the beach. I watched my husband and daughter walk along the surf without me. the distance I could walk was so limiting and getting very frustrating.

I ordered my first pair of Crocs from Shoebuy, my other favorite place. I ordered a pair that was made for people that are on their feet a lot and are acceptable footwear by many businesses, probably because they don't have holes in them and have the back strap.

As soon as I got them I pulled them on and took my dog for a walk. They felt wonderful, although I should have eased into wearing them. I did have shin splints for two weeks while breaking them in. But I wouldn't give up because it was the first time I have not had to wear my heel cups for years.

I then ordered my husband and I a pair of the fur lined ones. We wear them around the house like slippers because they don't have straps. My husband doesn't like them without straps though so I attached some heavy duty elastic on them. He was born with club feet and even with surgery as a kid, he still has to wear orthotics in his shoes. But not with these crocs!

My latest buy was a pair for each of us in their 'beach' style. They're not quite as supportive but I thought they'd be good for slogging out in the yard to water or wear on vacation in the surf. I was so surprised at the many different styles they have too; sandals, heels, boots, etc.

I haven't had a real pair of shoes on since early fall, except while exercising at my exclusive womens gym (Curves). Then I have a hard time walking and feel like I'm wearing the box that the shoes came in. Even though my feet sometimes hurt at the end of the day I'm able to do a lot more standing and walking. Those little ugly shoes get me through the day. Just call me the Queen of Crocs.


fernvalley01 said…
I adore my Crocs ! I call them my clown shoes ,but I wouldn't want to be without them
ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh honey, I'm so happy to have inspired you to take a chance on these miracle shoes! I recently discovered we have a Crocs outlet store near us, and I bought a pair of Mickey Mouse Crocs for $15. My next purchase will be some of those fur trimmed ones.
Thanks for the plug, sweetie!
Grumpy said…
Ugly being the operative word. But whatever works.
kden said…
I slipped in the word 'ugly' just for you Grumpy. Didn't want you thinking that I believe these shoes are actually cute. I'm not a cute shoe type of girl.
Anne said…
I am glad you are enjoying them. So many people complain about them, but I am a huge fan of anything comfortable. It sounds like it is a necessity for you and I am glad you were able to find something to help. I have the Mickey Mouse Crocs that ethelmaepotter mentioned.
Signe said…
What we do for comfort :D
My kids and I all own at least a pair great for summer.

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