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Are you my Grandpa?

My husband always claims that  he's not old enough to be a Grandpa. I think 63 is plenty  old and his son thinks so too. Last night after Christmas dinner my step-son and his wife handed a Christmas bag to both his dad and mom with a bib in each one. It took us awhile to get it but finally the fog cleared in Grandpa's head and he realized that he will be one next summer. Her due date is the same date as our daughters birthday. What fun that would be!
I just wished they lived closer because we only get to see them once a year at the most. But we're happy for them and looking forward to the special day. Oh, and since I am 12 years younger than my husband, I'm WAY too young to be a Grandma, but I'll take it just the same. Heck, people call us our daughter's Grandparents anyway so we might as well be ones for real!

A Brown Christmas

For the first time ever I'm not bummed that we're not going to have a white Christmas.

My daughter is not happy about it but she's not the one that was out shoveling last winter until her heart exploded. I could not possibly have taken a third bad winter so this feels like a gift to me from the weather Gods. We've had a lot of rain but only a few inches of snow which has since melted.

I'm thrilled to see greenish grass and dry stick bushes. The lights even look OK on bare trees. All the blow up Santas seem to be happy not to be squashed by the snow and buried until April. My birds are happy that they don't have to scrounge for my measly offerings.

I'm sure by spring the know-it-alls will be talking about a water shortage and warning us of  possible rationing of our yard watering. But for now I don't care, I'm enjoying the nice sunshine.

I know, the snow is prettier and probably next year I'll be ready for a white Christmas but for this year I a…

Ornaments Are Full Of Memories

Every year when we dig the tree out of the basement, we face the daunting task of putting the tree together and putting the lights on. This part doesn’t thrill me too much but open the boxes of ornaments and I’m all there.

Memories you haven’t thought about all year come rushing back. Every ornament has a story.

A box of cheapo ornaments my husband and I bought when we were just starting out. They were mostly Victorian style and the entire set was $2.99 at Payless Drug Store. We still use them though because they are a part of our history.

Then when our daughter came along we got many ‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’, ‘Baby’s 2nd Christmas’ and so on. Those will go with her when she leaves us.

The most precious ones to me are the carousels that my grandma made. She used to tat, something you don’t hear of much anymore. She tatted two small pieces and then attached them together with pipe cleaners and filled them with small animals, angels, or trees and adorned the tops so they look just small carou…

New Year's Resolution

I know this is going to be the hardest resolution I have ever tried to do; but I promise not to complain (not publicly anyway) until next year.

I ask you for your prayers of strength to get me through the next few weeks, as it will be a most difficult time for me and my family. Pray especially for my family because if I can't complain here, they will get the brunt of my crabbiness.

So, only nice and pleasant posts until the New Year. Heck, you might even like it. But if you do, just don't tell me because then I will become depressed. Depressed because I will never have anything to post about again and then I shall burst from not being able to complain.

Just play along and accept my niceness for a few more weeks and then things will get back to normal. I promise.

What The Hell Wednesday # 5

A fun little theme started by the Blue Monkey Butt sisters.

I have such a hard time making my rants short and this one is probably no exception. I work for an elderly couple and a few months ago I took the the wife to a store where she had basically picked out a lift chair and we were just there to pick a size and color. But I felt like she still needed to be talked into buying it. It was roughly 1800.00 with all she wanted included with it such as heat/massage and independent actions of the back and footrest. I kind of pushed her and told her that she deserved it so she bought it. It was delivered three weeks later and when the kid unpacked it and set it up the wires stripped in the back when she was trying it out. WTH? A brand new chair and it's already broken.

It took them another three weeks to bring in a new back for it. The tech gets a new back totally on and then figures out that what was really needed; a new seat where all the wires are. WTH? I could have told him that, b…

Better Switch To Decaf Buddy

Last week two WSU students in Pullman, Washington were hit by a car driven by Daniel Noble while walking on campus. He's an employee of another university and was in his jammies at the time when he ran them over in two separate incidents. Then he jumped out of the car and had to be tazed to get him in the patrol car.

His attorney now blames a caffeine-fueled mental breakdown for the incident.

When he had his first court appearance he was mumbling about his heart rate and blood and was pounding on the desk. His wife and attorney finally had to convince him to sit down.

But after he sat down he kept mumbling and at one point asked his attorney if he wanted to sing a duet.

“Do you wanna do a duet? Ever done a duet,” Noble asked his attorney.

His attorney says that his behavior might be “indicative of delirium” or it could be just too much caffeine. Who knew there actually was a diagnosis for caffeine induced psychosis?

He wasn't able to have a mental evaluation before his hearing…

Gourmet Eats

Just look at this platter of fine food. Look close enough and you will find sumptuous delights such as cheerios, raisins, oatmeal, eggshell, and bird seed in rendered beef fat all gorgeously spread upon french bread.

Are my sparrows spoiled or what?

Since the woman I work for is a birder I couldn't help but get started too. As soon as it gets cold I am making suet and getting out early in the morning to feed them. It's either being dedicated to my feathered friends or crazy.

I don't even have a fancy heated water dish. I just take out a kettle of warm water, dump the ice in the pie tin from the day before and fill with nice warm bath water. Yep, I'm going for the crazy part.

Suet is so easy to make, birds are definitely not fussy if you at least have the basics. I nicely ask my butcher for a couple pounds of beef fat. I put half of it a large Pyrex container and microwave it for about 15-18 minutes in all stirring at 5 minute intervals. When the pieces of meat left in t…

An Example Of GOOD Customer Service

After my horrible experience with Microsofts customer service via email I feel it only fair to write about a good experience I had with HP last night. My beloved new family member 'laptop', would not start even though I had just used it in the morning plugged in so I knew it was fully charged.

Deader than a doornail, it wasn't even showing a charging battery while plugged. Geez, how long do these batteries last anyway, just a few weeks? It was 9:00 pm and I was stressed and wanted it to turn on. Got an important game of solitaire waiting for me ya know.

Then I'm frantically looking for the receipt realizing that if I need to use the warranty at all, I need my receipt. And of course it isn't where it should be. I thought I put it where it should be but I guess I don't really know where my 'should be' spot is yet.

My husband in all of his tech experience tells me to call tech support. This is the same guy that thinks too many icons on the desktop can caus…

What The Hell Wednesday # 4

I know it's almost Thursday but WTH, let's give it a go. Head on over to Blue Monkey Butt to see what everybody else is complaining about.

Well you know that I bought me a nice little laptop a few weeks ago and it came with Office 2007 Student Edition. My daughter really likes 2007 and we only have 2003 on our other computer. She brings work home from school some times in both versions so I thought it would be nice to have both in the house.

I got an email from Microsoft offering me such a great deal to upgrade that I couldn't pass it up. Of course the paying part went smoothly. Doesn't the payment part always go smoothly? It's the downloading and installing where the trouble comes in.

I know I wouldn't have any problems if I had high speed but I don't and that's all there is to it. As I start downloading, I see it's going to take 10-12 hours. WTH! I don't like to tie up the phone line for that long, but that's just the way it has to be. Of cou…