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It Gives 'Grab-n-Go' A Whole New Meaning

In Tacoma Washington there's an espresso stand which employs bikini baristas to pump up business. But apparently after a two month sting they've been doing more than pumping up business.

Five of the baristas were charged with prostitution after they were observed posing naked for customers, letting customers wad up money and try to make a basket in their underwear, licking whip cream off of each other, and playing other grabby games in exchange for some hefty tips. But being half-naked isn't against the law. As long as the hoo-ha and the tee-tahs are covered, police say the stands do not violate indecent exposure laws. Health officials and state Labor and Industries officials say there are no clothing requirements for baristas.

So I gets it now; you can be almost nakie to serve coffee, you just can't play any touchy games or let those fine menfolk watch for extra big tips. Well, that makes it all better.

In Washington, bikini or lingerie wearing baristas are becoming qui…

Do You Kung Fu?

Lately my daughter has shown an interest in learning some type of Martial Arts. We know absolutely nothing about the different types but my husband remembered a man from church that does. He was in hopes that this person could possibly offer her private lessons. He said that he couldn't because he hasn't reached that level yet but referred us to the studio where he studies.

I talked to a nice woman at the studio who didn't teach the youth group but told me about the class and who teaches it. So we decided to give it a try last night. There were probably 8 other young people who are ongoing students at some level or another. Therefore they already know what they're doing.

The owner/Master of the studio came over to greet us and asked us what my daughter was looking for in taking the class. I guess we still weren't sure so I just said 'self-defense'. He asked if I wanted to fill out the enrollment form now or wait until after the class to see what she thinks …

Killer Escapes From The Fair

Another proud day for our fair city.

My daughter and I were watching the news a few nights ago when they interrupted their usually fascinating broadcast to say that a "Killer Escaped From The Fair". I did a quick check of my calendar to make sure it wasn't April Fools Day.

Seems like a Mental Hospital was taking a few of their patients (really criminally insane prisoners) for a field trip to the fair. They were all wearing street clothes. Why? Maybe so they wouldn't stand out as mental prisoners and they could blend in better with the crowd. Oh, big mistake.

One man who had been found criminally insane for murdering an elderly woman just walked away from his babysitter. He had spent 22 years at the mental hospital but recently had been living downtown and was able to roam around a 6 block radius of his apartment. He recently returned to the hospital to deal with some medicine issues.

So this fine hospital took 31 criminally insane prisoners to a fair without notifying …

Cataract Surgery Doesn't Always Work Out For The Best

I am dead tired because my mom can see better.


My mom is fully recovered from her appendix surgery and recently had cataract surgery on her second eye. She had the first one done about 6 months ago but still had trouble seeing well and used magnifying glasses a lot. Even watching TV wasn't too enjoyable.

But the day after her eye surgery she deemed herself cured of all eye problems and now realizes how dirty her house is. Trouble with that is that I'm the one that cleans her house. I used to be able to fudge a little about vacuuming in corners and swiping down cobwebs. She said she was going to the bathroom and noticed all the crumbs in the corner. "Who eats in the bathroom?", she thought.

Well, in my house you can frequently see my husband taking cookies into the bathroom and having a snack while.......well you get the idea. So I know how crumbs can get in the bathroom.

And when she gets on a tear she doesn't know when to stop. So if she sees crumbs in one room…

Potatoes Gone Wild

Science Experiment. Leave a few potatoes in a box in the basement and see how much they can grow. These were done on purpose, but a few years ago I had forgotten about a few and the roots got to be about 4 feet long before I discovered them almost growing out of the closet. I then laid them on the kitchen floor and when my husband walked in, he thought we were being invaded by giant potato spiders.

Feelin' A Tad Guilty

I love old family photos and history and believe they should be treated as sacred frozen moments in time. My brothers don't quite feel the same way.

My older brother is finally getting back together with his second wife; they have been separated for about a year. He sold his home and they eventually will find their own place instead of her living in the 'first wife's' home.

He asked me to come over and look through some of his stuff to see if I wanted anything. There was a box of old photos albums (general dates 1920) , books and family bibles (some dated as far back as 1900 as well as some written in Norwegian), photographic dry plates (dates of 1910), and negatives of every picture his first wife had taken since they met. She was very organized and they were dated, titled and placed neatly in little boxes.

I don't think my brother had really gone through the box lately and maybe didn't even know they were in there. He just wanted me to take the whole box. That …

Not Your Usual Moring Wake Up Call

This morning I was on my way to work and as I turn my usual left onto a one-way street I noticed how little traffic there was since it was a holiday.

Well, except for the SUV headed in the wrong direction coming right at me. We are the only two on the street for blocks and I'm doing a quick check to see if I had made a wrong turn somewhere. Nope, not me, it was him. He's honking at me like I'm the screwy one so I honk back, like he's going to understand me. We seem to be playing Chicken so I go in the next lane and he decides to go that way too. So we're both swerving as we're getting closer and closer to one another. Finally I switch lanes again and as he passes me I'm swinging my arms wildly like I'm doing a very loud sign language. I see the passenger as we pass. It's a young preteen girl and she has her mouth wide open like she's about ready to scream. I then see him turn off the street in my rear view mirror.

Geez, I hope he figured out that…