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The Hatfields and McCoys

I knew I would do this before summer was over but didn't know when it would happen. I was scared to do it but sometimes you can only take so much before you snap. Today was the day. Every single morning I am awakened by our neighbors' dogs; one, two, three and sometimes all five of them barking before 5:00 am.

The two newest little yappers are doxies who are cuter than heck but also bark more than shithead, who I despise. They are also tiny and get out a lot. They dig under the fence and get into our yard. Last night they had to retrieve her from somewhere outside the fence. And this morning the other doxie was barking, continually for hours. I got up before 5:00 and looked through the fence. She was barking toward the fence on the other side of the yard so I knew the other one had got through into the other neighbor's yard. If I turn the hose on and squirt the fence the barking will stop for awhile, but not this morning.

So I calmy waited until the local Humane Society ope…

My Heart Is Home

We picked up this tired little girl from the airport last night. All of the kids looked exhausted and like they didn't plan on traveling in the near future. She slept for 10 hours last night and is taking a nap now.

I asked her if she had the opportunity to do it again would she? She said no because of the scheduling they keep you on, going from 7am to 10pm. They didn't really get to linger in a place because they had to keep moving on to the next. They really didn't even have much time for shopping but she managed to grab a couple of t shirts, a sweatshirt, couple of ball caps and a key chain for me, that's all I asked for.

But I have to add this because she knows I will anyway whether she wants me to or not ;-) They were getting on the foot ferry to head to Ellis Island and she didn't want to go through another security check so she left her purse on the bus. Of course this purse contained her camera. So I believe she is the only person in the UNIVERSE that has e…

I Sent My Heart To DC

Yesterday my husband and I put our 13 year old daughter on a plane to start her DC/NY Smithsonian Student Travel trip. She is traveling with 5 other kids from her school, a teacher and a mother of one of the kids.

We started working for this trip soon after the school year started last fall. We have done car washes (in tandem with Safeway to raise money for breast cancer awareness), candy sales, pizza coupon sales and making cell phone charms to sell. We did this all as a family, not as a group. Many kids didn't sign up until the last minute so we couldn't do any group fund raisers. With the generosity of friends, family, and my husband's boss, she was able to go.

This is a trip that my husband and I will probably never get to do so we're very happy that she made it. They're going to be kept very busy and I'm not sure I would be able to keep up with the schedule. You can see her itinerary here.

I miss her though; badly. My husband works nights so now I'm alon…

Grandma Wii's in Rehab

My mom is still in rehab following her surgery a month ago. She's doing better although has had a setback with irritated intercostal muscles and this has slowed down her physical therapy a bit. Yesterday we set up a time for the physical therapist to set us up with a rousing couple of bowling games on their Wii. Grandma got a whole lot more fun to visit when my daughter found out that the therapy room had one. So my daughter and Grandma rolled some bowling balls down the lane. The first game the Physical Therapist won, Daughter second and Grandma last by one point. The second game my husband stepped in for the Physical Therapist and Grandma beat them both.

We all had a good time and some laughs. Who knows if she stays much longer, maybe we can try boxing. I have a husband I'd like to challenge to that.

Great Customer Service, Bitchy Customer

I know you all probably think ALL I do is bitch. Most of the time no, but there are days..... And then I must write before I break a vessel in my head.

My husband wrote an ebook about 5 years ago and sales won't pay the mortgage payment but they are slow and steady. He sucks at using the computer and so every time a book is sold I always write and thank them and ask them to please let us know if they run into any difficulty in downloading the book or bonuses.

Occasionally someone will ask for a refund for some reason or another but it doesn't happen very often. About a month ago a woman bought the book and wrote that the page wouldn't open on her computer and "What do I do?"

I wrote very specific directions on how to get the page to open it, I had no trouble opening it from her email. The email bounced back as undeliverable and no account found. GREAT...I tried again, bounced again and then one more time. Well there's not much more I can do about it.

Just today I…