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Believe Them? .......Or Not

My daughter and I were driving to the store this afternoon and as we got closer to an intersection we could see this guy with a folded up cardboard sign. He was with a woman, maybe his wife, but who knows. He started at the corner, opened up the sign which read:

Laid off
Two Kids
Need Rent Money

They then put on their sad face and started walking very slowly down the sidewalk toward us. I suppose when they get so far they turn around and repeat. The sympathetic part of me feels guilty when someone is staring me right in the face asking for help.

But then I looked ahead at the other corner of the intersection and there is another guy holding a sign facing traffic coming in the opposite direction. The sign says the same damn thing and is made out of the same white cardboard and written with the same marker. Are you kidding me? I look in the side mirror to see how far away the couple was because I wanted to ask them if the person working the other corner is their kid because it's an awfu…

Where Are My Eggs?

I like to buy Easter candy...after Easter. I mean half-off, how can you beat that? I bought candy for my daughter for Easter and she doesn't share, so my husband and I have to resort to thievery while she's at school to get any candy. While buying groceries last week, I bought a couple of Cadbury w/caramel eggs, just for me. I contemplated giving one to my husband but wasn't committed to it yet. I hid them in the fruit basket because I knew no one would look there.

Friday night my daughter went to work with my husband for the first half of his shift and I was settling in to have my favorite dinner....popcorn. You just haven't lived until you have a large bowl of popcorn with butter and Johnny's popcorn salt. Oh, but don't forget to add the M&M's or any other kind of chocolate. That's what I wanted the eggs for.

Before I put the pan on to pop the corn I dig around in the oranges and apples to find my eggs. They're not there. I can feel my pulse in …

I Feel Violated

Today I get this letter from U.S. Bank notifying me that someone has tried to gain access to our accounts and our online access has been frozen. I was instructed to call a certain number for help.

Well, the first thing I think of is, what if this is the scam and by calling this number I may cause a problem when none exists to begin with. So I go to their website and the number matches. It didn't help me feel any better though because I know there is a real problem now.

I talked to a very nice woman who explained that someone, probably from another country had tried to gain access to our accounts. We have a charge account, creditline account, and business checking account. All were safe and nothing was taken. But we still have to open new accounts for each one. That means new credit cards, creditline cards/checks and checking account checks. And then I remember I have payments that are automatically taken out of the checking account and the charge card. I'm scrambling around try…

WHAT, No Bread?

I was in a bead shop today and this guy comes in and asks the owner if they have any bread. The owner looked puzzled and then flashes a grin and tells the bread seeker, "It's BEAD Addicts Attic, not Bread."

"Oh" the man said, "just trying to find a decent loaf of whole wheat bread."

It was hard to keep a straight face but we directed him to a bakery down the street. It gave me my chuckle for the day anyway.

It's Baaaaaccckkkkk...............

Total rambling today because I feel like crap. On Saturday we cleaned the bathroom walls. My hubby did the ceiling, daughter took the low parts and I did the high parts. Within a few hours of finishing my vertigo had made itself at home in my head again....without asking.

Of course yesterday was Easter and I had big plans. Was going to make a nice brunch to take to my mom's. It still got done, with help from my daughter and husband but I had to send them on without me. And then I had a nice dinner planned and it was too much for hubby to deal with so we had oatmeal. Now, doesn't that sound like a nice Easter dinner?

Hubby tried to take me to two urgent care clinics in the afternoon and they were both closed. So I guess you're not allowed to get sick on Easter.

I was lucky to get a morning appointment at my doctor's office this morning and she basically told me what I already knew; too much fluid in the ear, could be a virus, take Meclezine and Sudafed and it will pass…

Bad Ass Housewives

I see my city has made the national news.....again. My fair city has been linked with such stories regarding police brutality, record snowfall, serial killers, and famous people that were born here.

But yesterday I knew we had hit the big time when Good Morning America reported on the local housewives that are going out of state to......SMUGGLE DISHWASHER DETERGENT.

Yep, that's right. We've got a bunch of Bad Ass Housewives that are sneaking across the border to buy their illegal goods. Due to the high levels of phosphates in our rivers and lakes, our county banned the use of phosphate based dishwasher detergent last year. But the stuff works so crappy that people would rather brazenly cross the border to smuggle soap than go without clean dishes. These women are not afraid of being caught and use their real names when being interviewed. Patti said than when friends know she's going for a run across the border, they ask her if she can pick them up "some of the good stuf…

Girl Found

As an update to my post below, the 14 year old girl was found in a mall. The mall is in town, but many miles from where she disappeared. An employee recognized her from a flier and kept chatting with her until mall security could call the police.

She said she was on her way to a nearby restaurant to meet up with a guy she met on the bus so she could spend the night with him.

The girl said she was mad at her mom and would rather go to juvie than go home. The mother came and took her home but said that her daughter would be checked into a facility to receive help before she could come back home.

Why don't you go with her mom?

No Parental Supervision

A few days ago a 14 year old girl disappeared where I live. She was last seen leaving a Walmart and then just disappeared. Alone, this is a sad and frightening story. But when you learn more facts of the story it boggles your mind.

The girl has a mental capacity of an 8 year old. In a news interview with her mother, the mom said that her daughter is addicted to internet chat rooms and calling older men with whom she meets there. Last month the girl logged over 1600 phone calls, some to the same people. On the night she disappeared, she begged her mother to take her to Walmart. While they were there, the girl slipped out, went to a neighboring business and made a phone call. She then walked out of that business, and no one has seen her since. The parents feel that she met one of the men that she has been contacting. At the end of the interview the mom said "I love her, even though she's trouble at times, I love her."

Yea, well obviously not enough to protect her from hersel…

10 Hours Difference

This is what I woke up to this morning, 3 new inches of wet slop. I had to dig out my boots from the basement so I could shovel the back walk to the garage. Even the dog looked disgusted.

But just a mere 10 hours later the sun was out, it was about 45 degrees and my dog and I happily took a walk.

Welcome to Spring.