What The Hell Wednesday # 5

A fun little theme started by the Blue Monkey Butt sisters.

I have such a hard time making my rants short and this one is probably no exception. I work for an elderly couple and a few months ago I took the the wife to a store where she had basically picked out a lift chair and we were just there to pick a size and color. But I felt like she still needed to be talked into buying it. It was roughly 1800.00 with all she wanted included with it such as heat/massage and independent actions of the back and footrest. I kind of pushed her and told her that she deserved it so she bought it. It was delivered three weeks later and when the kid unpacked it and set it up the wires stripped in the back when she was trying it out. WTH? A brand new chair and it's already broken.

It took them another three weeks to bring in a new back for it. The tech gets a new back totally on and then figures out that what was really needed; a new seat where all the wires are. WTH? I could have told him that, but hey, he's the smart tech guy.

Another weeks delay and the new seat is attached and she's now lovin' the chair. One day she tells me that the chair has a terrible clunking to it and she got scared and had her husband haul her out of it. She whined that she was in pain for two days because of it. It also happened to her daughter so I knew there must be some validity to it. I'm the one that finally had to call the store back to get a tech out again. A week later he shows up and in going through the motions of what they did to make the chair clunk he discovers the problem.

He said that in order for the chair not to clunk you have to have your feet resting on the footrest; like one would normally do, right? He said 90% of lift chairs do this if you do not have weight on the footrest while getting back to a sitting position from reclining.

Well my little elderly couple isn't buying that, and the lying starts.

She: "I'm disabled, have a bad back and use a walker and spend part of my day in a wheelchair and I can't put my feet on the footrest" WTH?????

Yes to everything but the wheelchair, it's outside in the garage.

The tech says "You mean you have a bad back and you think it's easier to actually lift your legs to have the chair lift you out?"

She said yes, she's too short and can't even reach the footrest. WTH. So not true. She tried the chair in the store and it's a perfect fit for her.

Then the husband starts saying it's a lemon and needs to be taken away. He also said that when his daughter sat in it, she was less than 24 hours out of surgery and that just wasn't good. WTH, total lie. She had a small outpatient surgery 4 days prior but was fine enough to come to her parent's house with a friend.

I was so disgusted by that time I went to clean the bathroom. Better to hang out with a toilet than to listen to them lie to this poor tech guy. He basically said it was between the store and them what they wanted to do but I bet soon the chair will just be gone.

Sure, the chair might actually be defective but what bugs me about some older people is that they use the "elderly" card way too often to get what they want. They act all old and feeble so they will get their way.

But I'll tell ya, I really lost respect for a couple that I genuinely like and I will never again convince an older person to buy something for their own good because it will come back to bite me in the ass.

WTH, I should tell them to give it to me, I could totally put my feet on the footrest and have heat/massage and then be gently lifted to a standing position, aaahhhhhh.


ethelmaepotter! said…
What a shame they acted so outrageously. I've seen it happen - playing the age card, playing the race card, playing the disability card - and you're absolutely right: such behavior is a surefire way to lose the respect of those who know the truth.
Great WTH rant.
Grumpy said…
It's called buyers remorse. They decided $1,800 was too much and now they're making stuff up to get the store to take it back.
Elle said…
That is so totally annoying! I wonder how long it will be before the chair is gone.

Great WTHW! Thanks for playing along.
Anne said…
The chair sounds awesome. I agree with Grumpy, I think they decided they didn't want to spend $1800 and wanted their money back. Too bad they can't enjoy the chair.
Stacy said…
That's too bad! You should definitely get the chair! I hate when people disappoint you like that. Thanks for joining us this week!

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