What The Hell Wednesday # 4

I know it's almost Thursday but WTH, let's give it a go. Head on over to Blue Monkey Butt to see what everybody else is complaining about.

Well you know that I bought me a nice little laptop a few weeks ago and it came with Office 2007 Student Edition. My daughter really likes 2007 and we only have 2003 on our other computer. She brings work home from school some times in both versions so I thought it would be nice to have both in the house.

I got an email from Microsoft offering me such a great deal to upgrade that I couldn't pass it up. Of course the paying part went smoothly. Doesn't the payment part always go smoothly? It's the downloading and installing where the trouble comes in.

I know I wouldn't have any problems if I had high speed but I don't and that's all there is to it. As I start downloading, I see it's going to take 10-12 hours. WTH! I don't like to tie up the phone line for that long, but that's just the way it has to be. Of course during the night, my connection times out and I have to get back online. When I click OK on the little box that tells me my connection has been reset, the download box goes away. WTH, this is not good. So I restart my download and it restarts from the beginning. That means another 10-12 hours. Crap.

In the meantime I decide to write customer support. It was a very simple question as I don't like to confuse them, they really can't handle it.
Message: After purchasing the '07 upgrade I began downloading. I only have dial up service and my computer got bumped offline after about 30% downloaded. I had to reboot to get the download page to work again and then it started all over at the beginning and NOT where it left off. It will take 10-12 hours to download this product and if I get bumped off again then I have to start all over again. Any suggestions?
Their brilliant answer came the next day:
We understand that you want to know if there is another way to install the program aside from downloading it though the internet.

All you have to do is download it on your computer and save it on your desktop. Once you save it, you can actually save it on a bootable disk for you to have a Back up DVD. So the next time you need to reboot your computer, all you have to do is install it using the Back up DVD where you save the program.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please reply to this e-mail.

WTH???? This makes no sense to me. Is there another way to download it from the internet without using the internet? I bought the digital product; that's the only way I'm going to get it. So, oh yes, they heard back from me, but I was still being quite pleasant:
Hi Reuben,
Thanks for answering so quickly. I'm not really sure I am understanding your answer because it sounds like you are telling me to download it from the internet first, and then save it to my desktop. That IS my problem, downloading from the internet. Can you explain in a bit more detail. Thanks.

But of course you never deal with the same person, you always get someone new and they don't even read your first question. So another brilliant answer from Microsoft.

We understand that you have difficulty in downloading the program.

We would like to inform you that you must have an internet connection for you to be able to download the program.

To download your program, please follow these steps: Blah, Blah, Blah

WTH? OK, I'm done being nice:
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You are telling me that I need to be connected to the internet? I AM NOT AN IDIOT. If you had read my original email you would know what KIND of problem I am having with downloading. OK, one more time: For a dial up user it takes 10-12 hours for me to download. If I get disconnected for some reason the little box comes up to tell me that my connection was interrupted. When I click on OK, the download box disappears. THEN when I reconnect and try to resume to download, I have to start the whole downloading process over. That means ANOTHER 10-12 hours.

If you have no solution for me, then I want a refund. Is perhaps there a chance that I could get a CD to install instead of using the internet? That should be the first solution, not telling me that I need to be connected to the internet! And a link to Microsoft Support is useless. This should be a simple fix, let's not complicate it by making me spend hours trying to find an answer.

They then sent me instructions on how to get a refund. Those instructions I could follow. They said I then could re-order the product in cd form, but now the sale is over. WTH, I think I'll go to ebay.

And my last email from them was a survey about their customer service. It was fun filling out that one.


Grumpy said…
Ain't computing fun. You hit on the right idea; after the first failure the best move would have been to get it on a cd and install that way. Reuben? What mother in India names their child Reuben? And they must think that's a popular American name.
Elle said…
OMG! That was a horrendous experience! I hate frustrating stupid customer service. I wonder what kind of response you'll get from your customer service survey.

Thanks for playing WTHW!
Anne said…
How irritating. It would have saved both you and Microsoft a lot of time if the customer support people had bothered reading your email rather than scanning it for keywords (like download). Is there a number where you can call them?
ethelmaepotter! said…
These must be the same people who write instructions for putting together bicycles:
After you've struggled for half an hour to pry the box open, you remove all the parts, and finally locate the instructions, deep in the bottom of the box. And the very first instruction reads: Open box and remove all parts.

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