An Example Of GOOD Customer Service

After my horrible experience with Microsofts customer service via email I feel it only fair to write about a good experience I had with HP last night. My beloved new family member 'laptop', would not start even though I had just used it in the morning plugged in so I knew it was fully charged.

Deader than a doornail, it wasn't even showing a charging battery while plugged. Geez, how long do these batteries last anyway, just a few weeks? It was 9:00 pm and I was stressed and wanted it to turn on. Got an important game of solitaire waiting for me ya know.

Then I'm frantically looking for the receipt realizing that if I need to use the warranty at all, I need my receipt. And of course it isn't where it should be. I thought I put it where it should be but I guess I don't really know where my 'should be' spot is yet.

My husband in all of his tech experience tells me to call tech support. This is the same guy that thinks too many icons on the desktop can cause computer problems. He actually asked me that once about our other computer. "Maybe your having problems because you have too many icons on your desktop", he declared very confidently that he had found the problem. So I just tell him to be quiet now when he offers 'assistance'.

But I take his advice because I don't want to go to bed all stressed out about my new baby. The 800 number rang through and my call was answered by someone quickly....with an Indian accent. Uh oh, this is not going to be fun.

I was quickly surprised though when he got my information, asked me questions, and walked me through some odd steps: Unplug laptop, flip over and take battery out, flip back over and hold on button for 20 seconds, flip back over and put battery back on, flip back over and turn on and then press f10 several times. The weirdest looking screen came up and then he had me click on yes's and no's and pressing f10 more.

When we were done, the machine whirred back to life and I was one happy girl. Then he got his supervisor (also Indian) who asked me if everything was alright now and if my problem was fixed. I being quite inquisitive asked him what the problem was in the first place. He explained that when you use your computer a lot static electricity builds up and whatever we did fixed it. I asked him if we would have to do this again and I truly couldn't understand his answer but I think he said no.

Now I wish THEY would send me a survey so I could give a glowing report. But none the less I feel quite confident that if I ever have to contact HP support again I will be treated just as wonderful. Microsoft, pay attention.


ethelmaepotter! said…
Well, FINALLY! Nice to know good customer service service actually DOES exist out there!
The Blue Zoo said…
Isnt it nice when you get decent service?

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