A Brown Christmas

For the first time ever I'm not bummed that we're not going to have a white Christmas.

My daughter is not happy about it but she's not the one that was out shoveling last winter until her heart exploded. I could not possibly have taken a third bad winter so this feels like a gift to me from the weather Gods. We've had a lot of rain but only a few inches of snow which has since melted.

I'm thrilled to see greenish grass and dry stick bushes. The lights even look OK on bare trees. All the blow up Santas seem to be happy not to be squashed by the snow and buried until April. My birds are happy that they don't have to scrounge for my measly offerings.

I'm sure by spring the know-it-alls will be talking about a water shortage and warning us of  possible rationing of our yard watering. But for now I don't care, I'm enjoying the nice sunshine.

I know, the snow is prettier and probably next year I'll be ready for a white Christmas but for this year I am satisfied with my brown one.


Grumpy said…
Have a Merry Christmas. I would just as soon not spend 1 1/2 hours behind a snow blower.
Merry Christmas, even if it is brown
ethelmaepotter! said…
What beautiful pictures! Happy brown holidays!

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