Are you my Grandpa?

My husband always claims that  he's not old enough to be a Grandpa. I think 63 is plenty  old and his son thinks so too. Last night after Christmas dinner my step-son and his wife handed a Christmas bag to both his dad and mom with a bib in each one. It took us awhile to get it but finally the fog cleared in Grandpa's head and he realized that he will be one next summer. Her due date is the same date as our daughters birthday. What fun that would be!
I just wished they lived closer because we only get to see them once a year at the most. But we're happy for them and looking forward to the special day. Oh, and since I am 12 years younger than my husband, I'm WAY too young to be a Grandma, but I'll take it just the same. Heck, people call us our daughter's Grandparents anyway so we might as well be ones for real!


Congratulations! I am 51 and have three grandchildren. My youngest child is 14 and my oldest turns 30 this May. I don't feel old enough to be a grandma, but I am and I love it!
Grumpy said…
Congratulations. My step-son has 2 children and I had a hard time adjusting to being called "Grandpa". But since both their natural grandfathers are dead, I realized I was the only Grandpa they would ever know and embraced the whole idea.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Well, congratulations! I hope to join the ranks of Grandmas of the world in a few short years.
And yes, you're far too young to be a granny. My sister became one at age 32!

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