What The Hell Wednesday # 3

What The Hell Wednesday was started by sisters Elle and Stacy at Blue Monkey Butt. Jump on over to read what the other sassy ladies have to say about their day.

Ever since the outbreak of the swine flu I have been doing my best to stay healthy. I've mastered the sneezing and coughing into the elbow techniques. I've been washing and sanitizing. Sanitizing and washing. My hands are raw from being so damn clean.

So WTH happened? I caught a cold. One of those real fun ones when your head is so clogged, you can't speak, breath, or eat without your mouth hanging open. My family really must love me to put up with the blob of pajama wearing-nose honking-nasal rinsing-woman that I was over the weekend.

WTH, how in the heck can this happen? I don't hang out with visibly sick people. I wash after coming home from anywhere in public. I wash before preparing food. I survived a ER waiting room full of sick people. Are run-of-the-mill cold germs stronger and mightier than swine flu germs?

The only thing I can think of where you don't have control over your own cleanliness is when someone prepares food for you. I had a wonderful breakfast a week ago Sunday scarfing down some gingerbread pancakes at IHop. Did the cook have a cold and not follow his own hand washing routine? Did he maybe stick a finger in my pancake batter? Did the waitress sneeze onto my plate? I shudder to think of how easily a virus can be passed around and in some cases you just can't stop it.

So WTH is a person supposed to do? Stop washing and sanitizing? It just seem so fruitless to do everything you can to stay healthy and some bug still bites you in the butt.


Grumpy said…
It is that easy. The key is your immune system. Eat more chocolate.
kden said…
Grumpy said I could eat more chocolateeeeeeeeee, I said in my sing song voice.....
Elle said…
Those darn germs are everywhere! Hope you feel better soon and enjoy the chocolate!

Thanks for playing WTHW with us!
Stacy said…
Thanks for joining us for WTHW!! It's so hard! My youngest caught a virus a few weeks ago, and he is like Rain Man when it comes to washing his hands. He doesn't hang with kids that pick their nose or anything else. But yet he got sick and he couldn't figure out how he caught it! Hope you feel better soon!
The Blue Zoo said…
I really have been craving IHop. Specifically gingerbread pancakes. I was even considering driving the 2 1/2 hours to the closest IHop to satisfy my craving... But now the thought of someone hacking germs onto my delicious pancakes.. ew. Kinda ruined it. My sz 2 jeans thank you!
Bill S. said…
I caught a cold a couple of days ago - I hope germs cannot be transferred through blogs, but I am miserable. I asked my students who breathed on me - several hands went up. Hopefully it will be gone in a couple of days. Good health to you also.

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