What the Hell Wednesday # 2

What The Hell Wednesday was started by sisters Elle and Stacy at Blue Monkey Butt. Jump on over to read what the other sassy ladies have to say about their day.

This past Saturday I took a chance and headed over to my local Walmart for their early Black Friday sale. They're going to be holding early sales up until Thanksgiving. This particular sale was all electronics, including XBoxes, Blue Rays, big ass TV's and laptop computers for 298 bucks. I've had my eye on a laptop for a long time and I figured with a minimum of 10 per store I had a chance.

I always feel guilty when I buy a big item so I truthfully told my husband that it was a WANT and not a NEED. He knew I have been wanting one for a long time so he said to go ahead. Not that I need his permission but it made him feel better, ha.

I drive up to the store a little before 7:30 as the sale started promptly at 8:00. There was no one outside. WTH? Am I the only one here? Didn't they get the memo?

As I get closer to the door I notice they actually open at 7:00. WTH? Did I miss it? Is there a mob inside? Still undeterred I went in and found my way to the electronics department.

There was a small but very civil crowd, with separate lines for each item. I jumped in behind a gal who was standing in line for her mother who was nearby in a wheelchair. She said she is not a Black Friday shopper but her mom asked her bring her down. Another woman got in line behind me with her two pre-teen kids.

Someone in another line asked if they are buying something in one line can they get one of the other products without having to switch lines. "Sure" said the perky salesgirl. WTH? My new friends and I look at each other. The one behind me peeks over the counter and counts 12 laptops. She was the twelfth in line.

At exactly 8:00 the cash registers start ringing. People in the Blue Ray line are also buying laptops. WTH? We see our stash dwindling. The kids behind me start crying.

Finally when there were only a few people left in line and fewer laptops I couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer. My friends and I started bitchin'. "WTH, cashier lady, it's not fair that we've been standing here for an hour FOR the laptops and they are being bought in other lines." She looks at us like she just gets it and halts all sales in the other lines. There are three of us left, me and my new buddies. The now-not-so-perky salesgirl said there was only one left and I could have it. I want one real bad but not if they can't get one too.

One of the sales associates goes around a corner and I don't know where she pulled them out of, but she has two extras in her hands. WTH? We three cheer, purchase our laptops, the children have stopped crying, and all is right with the world.


ethelmaepotter! said…
Yep, sounds like the Black Friday crazies have started already. Glad you got your laptop, though!
Grumpy said…
Why is Black Friday on Saturday? Why does WalMart hire only people who fail the test? Why do women think husbands are dummies? I have a headache and I'm going back to bed.
Anne said…
I have never done Black Friday shopping (all those crowds scare me). I am glad that it worked out for you. It does make sense that you only get 1 Black Friday item. Otherwise, wouldn't the first 10 people just buy everything?
Elle said…
That was close. Glad it ended well and you and your new BFFs got laptops!

Thanks for playing WTHW with us!
The Blue Zoo said…
Black Friday sales always bring out the crazies! Too bad your crazy was an employee. lol
Cassie said…
Why is it that Walmart knows they are going to be mobbed with customers because of the sales and yet only have a dozen of the sale item on hand. Seems kind of short sighted to me, but they do it every time.
Stacy said…
Thanks for playing with us today! I hate shopping, and I hate having to deal with stupid people too! Glad you got your laptop!

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